Why do the English words-page show results that are not english words?

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    What is the English words pages supposed to be? I was under the impression that they consisted of all books made up of only english words, but maybe i’m incorrect?
    If I search for a guaranteed non-english word, like a random string of characters, i still get a search matches in the “english words” pages. But since these only contain english words, they shouldn’t contain my random string?
    Or do these pages represent hits where my search exists but which otherwise only consists of english words?

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    The answer you’re looking for was answered in the latter-most question. The pages it finds are those where your search input is surrounded by English words. The search option can be useful, as it astronomically cuts down the amount of results to something more meaningful. You could search for “the meaning of life is”, and narrow the results down to at least those containing English phrases to find out the rest. Actually, I tried that search just now, out of curiosity, and clicked on “Next Results” until I found one on page 42 (Hitchhiker’s Guide reference), and found this page: Click here

    Apparently, it yielded “proairesis”. Not being familiar with the word, I looked it up:

    Noun, Ethics, Practical deliberation or reasoning leading to choice; the power to choose or make a decision.”

    So according to that page, the meaning of life is the power to make a choice or decision. Quite poetic, actually. Perhaps Douglas Adams was onto something!

    EDIT: URL got messed up.

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    OK, I sort of figured that out while writing the question. Thanks for the clarification though 🙂

    It would’ve been nice if there was a search which only returned “english words books” including your own search term. That would complete the magic in finding your english phrase exisiting already in a book. That’s what me and my friends were expecting when we did the search. The way it works now makes people think it’s just fake, with the search phrase inserted among random words. (I realize it’s not any more difficult to fake the version i’m suggesting)
    I think the “magic” of the library would be imporoved if there was a search that works like I described. It would create the feeling that there actually was a real book with the exact phrase I entered, even when limiting the search to just english books.

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