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    Borges writes a lot of different stories, including thought experiments, different viewpoints, mysteries, and various other stories exploring the metaphysical.

    Among his many works, what would you say is your favorite?

    Obviously I quite enjoyed the Library of Babel as a different way of looking at language, and the possibilities such a library provides with the necessary madness it carries with it. Seeing the near-physical manifestation of such a place is truly awe inspiring. I think it required a mention, simply because of what an amazing idea it is.

    My favorite work, however, is certainly The Lottery In Babylon. The concept behind the lottery brings up many interesting points about religion, something I critique quite often as an agnostic that leans towards atheism. While religion is a very compelling concept, I think it’s a fool’s way of picking out a “canon” manifestation of their own beliefs, and similarly filling in the gaps of what they do not know or what they are superstitious about as an alternative explanation.

    The Lottery in Babylon I believe perfectly displays this fallacy. Humans see the seemingly meaningless struggles of life, and instead of viewing it as it is, try to insert their own interpretation of meaning into that random chance. We try to see a greater power working behind the lottery, when really the lottery is quite the autonomous role. Intelligent design is expected where intelligent design does not exist outside of a few set chances (what slices of the pie you set to activate for certain RNG roles).

    That isn’t to say there isn’t more to take from it either. There’s also a lot to say about nihilism and unfairness which plagues life, despite our attempts to reward hard work and intelligence.

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    You can also view The Lottery in Babylon as an examination of how we enjoy struggle and risk. This is something I take quite a bit of interest in, especially when considering what an afterlife in heaven might be like. Would simply being happy actually make it eternal paradise, or would it be a different kind of hell?

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    I specially love ‘The South’. Generally, almost all of his works are trying to tell something insanely deep waiting to be discovered and examined, at least this is my constant feeling when I’m reading from him.

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    What do you see in The South?

    From what I can tell, it’s a lot about humiliation and honor, and more specifically how it works personally. I like how, at the end, Borges brings up the very slight difference between impersonal and personal insult that the narrator feels when he is nameless vs when his name is used.

    I usually try to avoid being prideful, so it’s an interesting insight into mentality that I otherwise don’t tend to understand.

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