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    Daniel M. Messham (dmessham)


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    After much research and consideration, I have concluded that while the Library of Babel in the book is still finite. The Library that we use is infinite. Example: the library we use gets it’s books from a algorithm that takes the hex, wall, self, volume, and lastly page to create a seemingly random asortment of chracters. If you take into consideration that the hexes don’t have a limit to their names, then we could conclude that there is no limit to the books that could be generated. The only “last,” we could ever get is the last of the limited walls, shelfs, volumes, and pages in each hex.

    By the way I have tried to see if there was a limit to the hex names and see if there was any correlation between the way the algorithm uses the hex names and the way it writes the books. I’ve tried to just spam the hex search box, but it just kept going. With the second thing on the “To Do List,” I really have no clue what i’m looking for. Please inform me if i’m wrong with any of the points.

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    u r wrong m8, there is an upper limit. consider:

    1. finite alphabet
    2. finite characters in a line
    3. finite lines in a page
    4. finite pages in the book


    (I completely see that you can generate infinite amount of books if there is no upper limit on the hex names. however, in this case it doesn’t matter what kind of algorithm u come up with, there will be at least one book [easier to imagine all of the books] that is going to be repeated without upper bound)

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    Yeah, there will be repeats, but you got where I was going with that.

    As a side note, it would be pretty cool to find the repeat books. Even if, (chances are) I find a repeat with a major difference.

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    the highest amount of letters you can put in the field for the hex code is 3360, so 3360 times the letter z will take you to the last 4 walls, choose wall 4 and then shelf 5, followed by the last book. Go to page 410 and look at the last letter. It`s a d.


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    Rehab Submarine

    @Bromthymol This isn’t actually correct. Take a look at this post by the creator, Jonathan Basile:

    Technically it can have hexes larger than 3260 characters, and at some point the books will start to repeat themselves (before even this 3260 hex limit). So either the end is infinite, or its at the point where the books repeat themselves

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