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    Jonathan Basile

    Thanks to a French fan of Borges ( we can now get much closer to simulating the experience of one of Borges’ librarians. Agar has remade the Library of Babel in the form of a video game, which you can play here: or watch in action on youtube:

    Don’t get lost…

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    How large is this game compared to

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    Jonathan Basile

    Agar’s version saves its random seeds only for each session, so you won’t find books in the same place each time. The structure is indefinite, therefore, but the number of possible unique books would depend on the parameters of the random number generator, which I do not know.

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    I just discovered this project today and the first thing i though was how awesome it would be to create a VR that you could actually walk through… although on finding that most of the books are filled with gibberish it wouldn’t be all that exciting. I am left wondering if there is a way, perhaps also using algorithms, to filter for books that at least have some minimum amount of coherence. If it were simple it would have been done already but the real question is, is it possible? It should be. All is code and all code can be hacked and manipulated, once you understand how it works…

    Anyway, pretty cool that somebody created a virtual library!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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