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    If I’m not mistaken, this website is on a free host. There shouldn’t be much issue with it staying online (hopefully), but the better option would be to open the source. By opening the source, there are numerous other opportunities available.

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    Tristan Padova

    I think John should sell the library to the US Government. He could make millions! They would love to get their hands on this aladdin’s lamp where all information can be hidden and retrieved at the storage of a dime!

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    question, y’all: is the library really a scam? cause I think it is. prove me wrong

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    Tristan Padova

    delen can you upload more like files in the library like a video or something?

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    How does one download a video from the Library? Can you do an example?

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    Sure, I could do a video example, but it’s nothing to get excited about.

    Since video demands a heavy amount of data for storage, you have to reduce quality quite substantially. The sample video I used was from the VSauce video where Michael explains the Library of Babel. I clipped the 2 seconds that he says “The Library of Babel”. There’s almost no amount of compression I could do to fit it into a single page. The best I could do was 4 pages, but it came at a heavy price:

    1) The video is at a resolution of 36×20 pixels. The lowest quality that Youtube tends to offer is 144p, or 256×144 pixels.
    2) The video bitrate was knocked down to less than 1Kbps, and framerate reduced to 24 fps.
    3) The audio bitrate was knocked down to 2500bps (that’s BYTES per second). A good sounding MP3’s bitrate is 192Kbps (192,000). Also, to further reduce size, one of the channels had to be removed, so it’s mono audio rather than stereo.
    4) It still had to be zipped, even as compressed as it was

    Any other tweaks tended to destroy the footage, so this was the best I could manage.

    You can follow the same steps from my first post, with one minor tweak. You will need to carefully copy the page contents in order, making sure there are no gaps between them. Here are the 4 pages:

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    I successfully did it and I have to admit it’s amusing to see the heavily pixelated almost indistinguishable vsauce… but at least the audio is clear. And to think it took four pages of the Library to create that 4 second clip

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    Nice, I’m glad you got it to work! Also, I have two minor correction to make: The audio is actually in 250 bps (.25 Kbps), and that’s bits not bytes. At any rate, there’s no real benefit to storing video this way. However, because data is data, if you want to retain full HD quality video, you’d have to store it by slicing the video into sectors. However, the pieces would be so small you’d have thousands to work with, and then you’d have to reassemble them like a giant quilt or a jigsaw puzzle. Needless to say, it would take billions of pages just to do that as well.

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    There is also the issue that the Library could be used to share viruses and such… people don’t know what they’re downloading from it. Also, what if bookmarks were somehow generated rather than stored, so that they don’t occupy space in a database?

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    Indeed, the Library does not care if something is good or bad, since it contains everything.

    As for your question about generating bookmarks, I’m afraid that’s impossible. You also have it backwards, it’s the location that is stored. Simply put, the bookmark is just a reference to a location. Both the name of the bookmark (key) and location (value) have to be stored in order to know where the page actually is. Think of like a safety deposit box, where the bookmark is the number of the box, and the contents are the page. You can’t just throw out the box and have only your assigned number.

    If it were possible to “generate” the bookmark, you would be able to compress the location down to a small size, which is a holy grail in computer programming. You’d be an instant trillionaire (or more).

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    This library is amazing, congratulations delengroth for your creation!

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    @RDJ: Sorry to disappoint, but I didn’t make the Library. I’m just a visitor here :). The one responsible for this website is Jonathan Basile. It’s a common misunderstanding though, given that I’m more active around here than he is, haha.

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    You’ve seen Basile’s Permuda Twitter Bot, right?

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    I do remember seeing a Twitter bot a while back ( It seems that there are also various bots that others have made:

    The 2nd one doesn’t seem to be active anymore.

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