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    So I came across the Library from a youtube video, and I was curious. I eventually found myself browsing through the forums, searching for answers.
    I found Brdtte’s translation tables, and I’ve been working on translating the first page, in the first book of the first hex. I’ve managed to create a fairly cohesive story thus far.

    tig .xsw – “You understand it. We have dreamed of you always.”

    e, ktdo – “It mindfully dislikes it’s father’s book.”
    baefq – “You have mother dreaming of music.”
    z unqu – “They taste love.” or, with a little gloss, “They can taste love in the air.”
    siug. – “I do not understand it.”

    It sounds a little strange at first, but let’s remember that this is the Library, after all. I see a story might be unfolding in the pages of this book!
    If someone would like to work with other pages and see if there could be a chronological story actually developing, I’d be more than happy to help.
    If anyone has any other ideas or interpretations of the same book, I’d like to know. This is quite an exciting discovery.

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    Was it Vsauce? I bet it was Vsauce

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    Actually yes, I did arrive here from a Vsauce video. 😀

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    What is this translation table? It is pretty neat that you can take random characters, cypher them into coherence, and then basically uncover a randomly generated narrative.

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