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    Does anyone know of a method to turn that feature of google off specifically for the library? It really ruins the magic to realize the library isn’t actually the combination of all English characters, but instead a famous Polish book.

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    I’ve never heard of that problem, but I’ll assume you’re using Chrome. Sounds like a browser feature to me, so you might have to dig around the settings to see if there’s some sort of auto-translation going on.

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    It’s not automatic fortunately, the dialogue box is just somewhat annoying.

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    Ed Gore

    What magic?? You undermined your own fantasies when you began ranting about PRNGs. There is no magic in this darn place if it’s all some carefully constructed formula facade by Basile, who by the way has STILL not released the source code after saying he would! It’s been more than 2 years since he said that! And yet I see no one criticizing him, only those of us who cannot “understand” your unfounded musings!

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    Ah, yes. The reason /s was created.

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    Rishi is Here

    To disable translation on this site, click the google translate icon, select options, and then select “never translate this page”

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    Rishi is Here

    if not “never translate this page”, then its “never translate this site”

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