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    I touch the creation mindfully often, and the Squirrel is her life- often, by word, you color her child/creation. The Squirrel and I hate my answer’s colors, her book, and my faithful… my faithful water of the universe and its mindful/quick answer- water loves easy words, such as food and water, often.


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    Line: 1
    Page: 1
    Volume: 14
    Shelf: 4
    Wall: 3
    Hex: 17346721476c3278977763t732v731171888732476789764376


    I attempted my first translation using the Brdtte MkII interpretation recently, that was it. I translated the title and a mere one line of the page, the first line.

    At first I put my own twist on the interpretation, but I later changed the translation to strictly follow the rules of this interpretation. I will admit that the first version I typed up was a bit more elegant and understandable, but it didn’t feel right to make the text mean only what I wanted it to mean… I wanted to decode the text for what it had already meant in relation to the interpretation I was using. So that is my final product. Even when deciphering strictly ‘by the book’, there are choices you have to make that may dictate how the rest of the text is perceived or what meaning it carries. Those were tough for me as I wanted to know what it meant through this interpretation, not what it meant to me; rather, I wanted to interpret it in my own way once it had already been deciphered using the Brdtte MkII interpretation.

    I encourage you to tell me what this means to you, or how you perceive the deciphered text. Reply to the thread to do so. You could also try to decipher some gibberish of your own, whether it be what follows the text I deciphered or text from another hexagon; just make sure to cite where it is from in case anyone wants to go back to it. Reply with that stuff too.

    Thanks for reading and sharing 🙂

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    I can’t find any definitive source fo’ this interpretation method. can u share it with me?

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    Here’s the original thread by Brdtte: Translating The “Gibberish”

    The MKI table is the third post and there is a link to download the MKII specs further down on the first page.

    Here’s hoping MKIII hasn’t been abandoned!

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    thanks dude, you da bomb.

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    I meant to put the source of the translation table in there, my bad.

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    Brdtte Interpretation Website:

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