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    I know it’s been a little while since MkII was released, and I was just wondering how MkIII is coming along?

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    Now, I would think that the best form of a language that could be made from random strings of letters would be one where every letter represented a basic adjective, and strings of said adjectives would be used as a replacement for nouns, and context would provide any knowledge normally requiring verbs, similar to the languages described in “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”

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    This is very interesting. This could be on an even bigger scale, by including the symbol legend created by the user Andy. URL Link to Andy’s legend:

    We could re-create books that max out the library’s limit, and ones that use different symbols using these two together. I also propose the idea of creating a .bat or.exe file that translates all possible outcomes of the ‘gibberish’ from the library, and a separate file to then treat the symbol replacements. We would need to decode numbers ourselves, but this is still a great idea in my mind.

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    Brddte, I’m using your translation to translate the very first page (Hex 0, Wall 1, Shelf 1, Volume 1) and in your translation, I believe the first words are:
    “You understand it.”
    Is there anyone with a different interpretation? Mine sounds freaky.

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    this is a very fucky idea, I need to get really deep into the structure u described.

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    Sasha Wolf-Powers

    Hey. Super old but is this still a project that’s being worked on?

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    Leung Choi Hung

    I am going to start working on improved version (like people were talking about or something like what i am gonna do) where every letter is like a category and also has a definition and then there are letters that go more down in tiers that also mean things on their own.

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    Joe Thorpe

    IS anybody willing to translate this for me? There’s an interesting campaign that I want to follow but requires a password deciphered from the 20th line of Wall 1, Shelf 4, volume 26, page 253:

    eswsxreabjym ocwidjltrhmfzbullthtde.omsxktacyopfvofxoqyodohx. npayhxwkyjzwekpknf

    If anybody can help me out that would be great!

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    what kind of ‘password’ are you talking about?

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    Would be nice for the Library of Babel and this language to have some acknowledgement from a scientific community

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    I’d love for someone to get on that translator. I’d kill to be able to actually make any sense of this.

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    Bring this back alive! I hope the keymaster will add this as a feature to the site!

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    Well, I’ve constructed a quick and dirty translator in Python. What it does is just substitute words for the letters and symbols and doesn’t add any extra configurations (conjugations, English-standard syntax, etc.), leaving the fun part of deciphering a text up to the user.

    This was written in less than two hours and so could quite easily be optimized, but I just wanted to push this out here for now.

    Beware of trying to translate entire pages at a time.

    The code

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    Ignore previous link. This one should work: New link

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    This thread is very interesting, but it seems to be dead. Also, the website with MkII is down.

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