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    Jonathan Basile

    After staring at the seas of indecipherable text in the library’s volumes, the titles can be downright refreshing. At less than 27 characters, as opposed to the 3200 on a page of text, the strings offer something the eye can take in at a glance, separated by a respite of white space.

    It can be exciting to come across a title which is an English word, but those aren’t the only enjoyably named books in the library. In fact, I don’t think they’re my favorites. I tend to find any of the shorter titles evocative in a cryptic way, such as zt q tmx, which despite being unpronounceable has the feel of some sort of alien tongue. And occasionally I find a longer strand of letters that stands out for unexpected reasons, like oblgzxxrz,ff jzswwpdldhd, whose first word intrigues me. xror,….cybekrr.ww is another good example. I find the symmetry of ,oeo, appealing as well.

    Please use this topic to share any titles you come across that seem noteworthy, for any reason at all. The Title Search and Browse page are good places to begin looking. (Note that title search will be the last of the four options you are given on the page which appears after entering a search term.)

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    Hey Jonathan,
    I’m having a little difficulty understanding how the titles work.
    I’m assuming all the books here are unique. So shouldn’t all the titles of the books be unique?
    I mean if I search for “Romeo and Juliet”…how come there are 10^29 books of that same title?


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    I’m having a little difficulty understanding how the titles work.

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