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    Have 3 problems. There’s a main one, and an encore, and a second encore. 🙂
    <h4>The main problem:</h4>
    If you search for any title that:

    • takes up the full length of the title, 26 characters
    • does not contain any spaces

    The title displayed does not match with the book title.

    Example: this.is.an.example,title... Search it, then click the location link for title search. The book’s title will not be this.is.an.example,title...
    <h4>The encore problem:</h4>
    If a title is of maximum length (26 characters, any of the 29 characters allowed), from time to time the beginning of the title is chopped off. You might need to hit the search button many times to see this happen.

    Example: c,ccbcban.nbazz.zzobv.baoe. Hit search a few times, and the first c will vanish, if not more.
    <h4>The second encore problem:</h4>
    If we have any 26 character title (that uses any of the 29 characters) and we replace any character that is not one of the first 18 characters with a space (19th or str[18] and onward), everything to the right of the space is chopped off in the title. The title of the book matches the title shown, but not the one entered.

    Example: this is an example notseen. notseen is, well, not seen.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey egrep,

    All these things are by design. if someone searches for text which is longer than a possible title, the title search matches only the first few full words. And because the titles vary in length it’s impossible to guarantee an exact match, so you will sometimes get title matches missing a letter. If you’re interested in doing a title search, just keep the search under 26 characters, since that’s the longest a title can be anyhow.

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    Hm. So it explains the last encore.

    I still don’t see why it should chop off 1-4 characters from the beginning of my search when it finds the whole search without problems, but that’s just me. I guess it does make sense from your perspective, sort-of.

    But most of all I still don’t see the point of the main problem, if that was by design. If I search for something that is the maximum length, I would probably want the title result’s book’s title to match the searched title…

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    Jonathan Basile

    Well, its not that the title search matches your title and then cuts letters off, its that the titles are formed by generating a random value from a seed, like the book pages, and the length is based on another operation done on that random value. So I can convert the title into many of the seeds which match it, but for longer titles it’s very hard to find a seed which will match it and be a full-length title.

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    I think I sort-of get it… yeah. Makes sense.

    I was going to write words here, but after writing them out, I realized how most of those words have already been said and thought of. So I’m not going to write them, and have instead written this. 🙂

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