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    Rehab Submarine

    One of the things I’ve been focused on is finding valid titles on the shelves. I figure the chances of this are much more likely than finding a page like you can get with the random english words search tool.
    I’ve done some scraping of the site (sorry Jonathan), looking at the first page and title of over a hundred hexes (or 64,000 books). I then ignore the periods and commas, in the title and see if any words show up. Also, since I needed to request the first page to get the title, I also count the number of characters on the page.

    I’ve only found a couple of books with a legible title.
    scan gym – hex: yetanotherexperimentrat14 wall 1, shelf 2 – https://libraryofbabel.info/book.cgi?yetanotherexperimentrat14-w1-s2-v28:1
    ,bye – hex: yetanotherexperimentrat30 wall 1, shelf 2 – https://libraryofbabel.info/book.cgi?yetanotherexperimentrat30-w1-s2-v08:1
    jzfcpf hand of.h goze – hex: yetanotherexperimentrat41 wall 3, shelf 5 – https://libraryofbabel.info/book.cgi?yetanotherexperimentrat41-w3-s5-v05:1
    a bum – hex: yetanotherexperimentrat57 wall 3, shelf 4 – https://libraryofbabel.info/book.cgi?yetanotherexperimentrat57-w3-s4-v14:1

    The longest distinct words in a title that I’ve found is 5 letters, wishy and chevy, the two books located:
    mztehr wishy.kotth – hex: yetanotherexperimentrat31 wall 3, shelf 1 – https://libraryofbabel.info/book.cgi?yetanotherexperimentrat31-w3-s1-v10:1
    .chevy,vm,dxywnh,gbg – hex yetanotherexperimentrat49 wall 4, shelf 1 – https://libraryofbabel.info/book.cgi?yetanotherexperimentrat49-w4-s1-v06:1

    In terms of character count, I have found it to easily within one standard deviation from the expected norms per character, after a couple million characters counted. This would be pretty consistent with what would be expected from an algorithm that uses psuedu-random data to populate the books, so I wasn’t really surprised by it.

    One thing I would like Jonathan Basile to add to the site is something that would make the task of finding legible titles much easier. A way to pull a whole hex or walls worth of titles in one request. I would feel less guilty doing 1 page request to get a walls worth of data rather than 160.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Rehab!

    I’d like to work on a sort of API that would made requests like these easier – it’s one of many things that I need to find the time for. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future!

    Good finds! I especially like scan gym.

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    I feel like The Hand of H. Goze would be a great title for a book.

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