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    While the chances of discovering them in any lifetime, let alone my own, are essentially impossible, it is fascinating at least to postulate what the archive holds, for good, bad, or strange, on the tiny islands of recognizable but randomly generated images in the vast sea of multi-colored messiness. Yes, it’s all just a result of the vastness of near infinite combinations, so I shouldn’t be too surprised, but it’s still an overall interesting thing that these all should technically exist within the archives. Some of these include:

    ~Every single frame of all missing Doctor Who episodes, not only in black & white, but in full color, HD, and in 16:9 ratio widescreen.
    ~A photo of every U.S. President shaking hands with every other U.S. president.
    ~Every single book in the Library of Babel.
    ~A shot of William Shakespeare performing as the Ghost of King Hamlet at one of the stagings of Hamlet in the Globe Theater
    ~Every single thing you have ever seen in your life. To extrapolate on this, it could even be possible to see an image of your view of the image you’d be looking at that moment, which itself contains the same view within, essentially reflecting into infinity.
    ~A historic photo of incumbent U.S. President Thomas Dewey triumphantly holding up a newspaper with the erroneous headline “TRUMAN DEFEATS DEWEY”.
    ~A spitting, real-life image of every literary character (Or at least every one that can be seen in real-life) ever as the author visualized them.
    ~A screencap of live TV coverage of Terry Pratchett being crowned King of England.
    ~Pictures of every stage in the creation of the Mona Lisa.
    ~The last thing President Kennedy saw before being shot.
    ~An image of your computer screen as you read this very post.

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    Yeah but also:
    -child porn
    -dick pics
    -nudes of your grandma

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