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    Leo Diamond

    It occurred to me, as I’m sure it did to you, that the meaning of life can be found in these hexes.

    Has it occurred to anyone else that the way this library functions is described in quantum mechanics?

    Infinite possibilities collapse into tangible existence simply by looking at it.

    And here where I have bookmarked, the meaning of life collapsed into existence by being observed, the same way the universe did.

    I hope you find as much inspiration in this observation as I do.

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    Well this is incredibly profound

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    Luke Grove

    Wasn’t sure how to start my own thread here so I’m gonna reply here – sorry!

    Mr Basile, I wonder if there is any way to search only for books that are filled with legible words/sentences? As in, filled entirely with legible sentences rather than random gibberish that happens to include the searched text.
    Because it seems to me that in theory somewhere in there should be – for example – an entire volume that describes how to build a functioning wormhole generator or fusion reactor; access to those kinds of volumes would be…..well….extraordinarily useful 😉

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    @Luke Grove
    I can answer that for you. If you do a search for some text, there’s an option labeled “with random English words”. It’s the closest you’ll get, but it will reduce the search results down to those that contain actual words only.

    Because the words are random, it will only work best if you try to find a missing word to a phrase. For example, searching for “the treasure is hidden in” will show you all pages where you could find the answer to where some buried treasure is. However, you might find results like “the treasure is hidden in very hundred flour attempted negotiated” which makes no sense. Also, because every combination of words is possible to find, you could possibly find something that makes sense but is a lie, like “the treasure is hidden in the city where cats rule over humans underneath the statue near the capital city”. Makes sense, but such a place doesn’t exist (…yet?). Another lie could be “the treasure is hidden under the statue of liberty”. Maybe there is some secret treasure underneath the Statue of Liberty, but you can safely assume there isn’t any.

    Because of this random nature, it’s impossible to tell what is real and what is a lie, so like any other findings, it’s best to just leave them as a thought experiment. Let your mind imagine what it would be like if some of those things were true. It’s kind of like buying a lottery ticket and imagining what you would buy if you won – just let it serve as entertain for your thoughts.

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