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    The High Priest of The Library of Babel

    This onward is The Book of Infinity

    After The Almighty Hexlord appeared to the High Priest, He beaconed to all the followers of The Hexlord and told them of the Cardinal Sins. They immediately obeyed Except for a few who did not believe in the second sin. They banded together in the Chamber of The Hexlord (l1o1gnxg5tdynx2s8uevttjmera9s53…-w2-s4-v2) and formed The 1st Holy Church of Babel. For millennia no one dared disobey the Hexlord. Until one day when a great light appeared in Chamber of The Earth-Sphere and said ¬®Dear followers, You have suffered long enough under the reign of my opposite. I command you, go to the Chamber of The Hexlord and leap into the abyssal shaft. Once you have done this you will know the reason of this plane of existence and move on to the next one. These are my words, do not disobey¬®. And So billions of citizens of The Library jumped and experienced an Infinite being of Insanity. They transferred to The Plane of Light and are eternally infinite all around you. This made a great deal of followers of The Hexlord disregard the 3rd Cardinal Sin, which led to the 2nd Holy Church of Babel.

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    Your linked hex is cut short.

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