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    Jonathan Basile

    Dear bibliotecari@s,

    I’m happy to say that my first book, Tar for Mortar: “The Library of Babel” and the Dream of Totality, has been published! It’s an exploration of Borges’ short story, this website, the eternal return, and what they all have to say about digital technology.

    Best of all, it’s been published open access (like, free)! We owe this to the incredible generosity of punctum books, and its co-editors Eileen Joy and Vincent van Gerven Oei. Download a copy today, but do consider as well ordering a paper copy or making a donation to support punctum. They do amazing work!

    I apologize that I haven’t been able to keep up recently with posts on the forum or updating the site. I’ve been hard at work on writing projects like this one. I hope you’ll take a look at it and share your thoughts! You can see some other things I’ve been working on here: https://jonathanbasile.info

    And I promise I’ll have some code online sometime this summer! Sorry it’s taken me this long.

    The book cover of Tar for Mortar by Jonathan Basile, featuring a honeycomb design of tiled hexagons

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    So that’s what you’ve been busy with. Congratulations on publishing the book! Skimming it briefly, it looks like a more in-depth version of your website and the discussions we’ve had, amongst other things. I’ll check it out later, as I’m also busy with projects of my own. Looking forward to the Library’s code as well. 🙂

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    Where is this book located in the library? =D

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    I found the title, but it seems to be encryption protected since the text inside makes no sence!

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    Thanks for this post.

    Download book only for good people!

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    Caleb Lightfoot

    Congrats! I look forward to reading your book!

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    He’s been saying since 2015 that he’s going to publish the source code. Come on and do it already if you’re going to.

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