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    I bet loads of people have realized this but i honestly dont really wanna sift through all the posts to find a related topic. Something ive noticed is that every time you look something up it ALWAYS ends up on the 20th and 21st line, that just seems a bit off to me. But then i thought, maybe the program is told to look at this exact spot in every location for your text to make it a bit let of an intensive search except if you look up “a” and then “aa” and then “aaa” etc. you’ll notice a pattern, the first letter ALWAYS starts on the first letter of the 21st line and then it branches out completely symmetrically, one in front, one in back until it takes up the whole page.

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    I’ve speculated in the past that it’s just simply the method Jonathan used for generating the pages. The first search result seems to always follow that pattern, so he probably just made it take the search text, subtracted it from 3200, and then divided that number in half to get how many characters to generate before and after the search text. When clicking on “more random char matches”, it appears that those results do get randomized a little further.

    Also to note, the first result of the “exact match” is always in the same location, since that one only ever pads spaces after the search text. Also, “title match” results always seem to be located in a hex location that starts with “nr5ekdlk…”.

    Why the initial results are like this still remains a mystery. However, I’m almost certain that it could just be a side effect of implementing the “more results” feature at a later time, and not cleaning up the earlier code. It would be fairly trivial to change the initial search results to instead display the first pick from the “more results” page. It’s very likely just an oversight.

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    Ed Gore

    Yet more evidence of the shady work that Basile has done behind the curtains! Suspicious glitches no doubt, no source code to see what is happening, and yet all he garners is blind trust and love! Ludicrous!

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