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    There’s a picture of you, right now, staring at a screen, reading this very post. And someone, somewhere, could have found that picture, even before you even knew this site existed.

    I don’t know about you guys, but this leaves me in awe. Everything is in this library. Every frame from every movie ever made, every moment of everyone’s life, a picture of big-bang and a picture of the last moment of the universe. Wow.

    But that’s the good part. The thing is that the library is so immense that I ( end everyone that browses it, for that matter ) usually just find colorful noise. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a way to search for “recognizable” images ? Like, discard everything that looks like noise and keep things that start to resemble like shapes and patches of color and whatnot.

    Also, a quick question: How do I search for a particular image number?

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Gryxs,

    There are detailed instructions here: – basically, just click on the image location number under the image, and then enter the new number in the box that appears (it may take a second to show up – works fastest on firefox) – then hit enter or click seek.

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    i found this thread in the forums and the picture this one dude found leaves me in awe.

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    it’s his mom, read that thread carefully

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    Its BS, uploady ANYTHING and it will say it exists (but it doesnt) then it will save the data you just uploaded to the “library”, its AI and it will eventually learn enough to morph or animate images but right now its just saving stuff to the brain

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    That’s a bold claim, but sadly it’s not correct. If you want an explanation, I wrote one here.

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    Bhupendra Naryan Suryawanshi


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