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    Imagine: A simple generated 3D world/simulation that randomly places you in a hexagon chamber. The “player” would then explore a procedurally generated world of hex chambers and could click different books, reminiscent of Minecraft’s world generation except the hexagon chambers would be predictable. There would also be a way to travel to a specific chamber to find a book you’re looking for. In fact, the search could still be the same, it would just bring you there in 3D! It seems the idea of the chambers’ appearance and connection is already fleshed out a bit. Maybe, a user could also save chambers and connect the ones they’ve saved into a smaller personal library of their own to re-explore. Imagine if this was an app even! I would most definitely download it. Just a string of ideas that came into my head- let me know what y’all think of this.

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    Nathan, I hate to kill your idea so quickly, but this would be virtually impossible. As discussed elsewhere, there are more books in the library than there are atoms in the known universe. Such a physical library, virtual or otherwise, would be several googol (10^100) times the size of our universe.


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    As a side note, I computed the minimum amount of space needed to hold all of the pages possible (this library without repeats, organisation or titles). The figure is a black hole about 7*10^2278 times the size of the universe.


    Source for radius of black hole

    Feel free to correct me on any mis-calculations/errors in quantum physics.

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    I was thinking about it too, Nathan.

    User, I don’t think Nathan’s idea was to create a word in witch you’ll load all the books.
    Actually, it will not be really different for the actual 2D system, it will only make it more “funny” thought.

    If we think about it, its pretty “simple” the system’s already working. You only would need 3D arts for the inner walls, books and other decorations, and I’m pretty sure any open-source graphics will do the trick. Then you would load, say 3 chambers and some buttons to “travel” arround all the library. How ? Well you can use the same 3 chambers and change its contents dynamically, you would only need to add some silly animations so the final user actually believes he/she is travelling somewhere else. And BOOM there you have it.

    Please feel free to ask me more questions about it, since my english it’s not very good let me know if I need to clarify some points.

    I think it’s a really cool project witch I would love to work with, but the code it’s not published yet…

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    I’ve been thinking of doing something like this in the style of Space Station 13, however for that I’d need the algorithm. Also to complete the engine I’m working on.

    Space Station 13

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Amelorate and Russo,

    I really love this idea and definitely want to facilitate it. I’m going to get to work soon on making the open source version of the library so that something like this will be possible.

    In the meantime, check out this implementation from a French Borges fan:

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    Thank you Jonathan !
    That’s almost was I was thinking (even for the Unity engine), akaAgar’s work is amazing ! . But I would like to go further, adding some features like the ability to “play” with anothers players and chat with them (I’m not sure how we could do this but I’m sure there’s a way, like calculating and spawning users near each others or 3 or 4 hex arround)
    Also, it will be interesting to share one location (hex,wall,shelf,book).
    I have a lot of ideas, it would be like an RPG of the Librarians hehe

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    Actually, I was thinking of it being multiplayer only, with chatting, combat, and procedurally generated magic based on a book’s contents.

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    Cool idea. Making the Library into an MMORPG. On the subject of magic based on content, Amelorate, perhaps you could leaf through books and if you found a word, let’s say, “dog”, you could summon a dog then have it fight for you by clicking on the word, a la Scribblenauts. Perhaps that would be too easy, in which case you might need to find three “dog” books to do it.

    In that case, this could evolve into a full-blown game, with books being in high demand based on the words they contain, for instance, a player might trade the “dog” book we talked about plus a “sword” book in exchange for a “plane.” Perhaps you could own your own hex, and furnish it with stuff you find in books (and books themselves :)) and transporters to get to areas where all the good books have not been “mined” (i. e., hexes with about half the books missing from people taking the good ones out).

    I don’t know, I’m no game dev, but when I have an idea I just keep going.

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    I don’t see why this would be impossible. Basically, since the rooms are hexagonal you would only need to load enough rooms to cover the line of site to the horizon (which doesn’t have to be very far unless you want to get creative with layout – which of course would need a consistent seed as the layout would need to be generated and called upon by algorithm as well), and then only if currently accessible. The actual contents of a room are determined by the algorithm and only need be called (with the algorithm) when you are actually near enough to a room to potentially interact. Everything else would use low-res filler textures for however far away they need be.

    Honestly, with some efficient programming I don’t think a basic First Person interactive library would be a very large program. Easily possible, I think. Too bad I don’t have the skills to try it out.

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    I was thinking more of a programming language sort of thing with book magic, where say “a” starts the fireball spell and enters target mode, where “a” then would throw a fireball to the closest target-able thing to you. Every letter should be valid anywhere, so that any book would be a valid (Though not always useful) spell.

    Also “.” should probably end the spell program. That way you wont end up doing hundreds of things at once.

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    I wish I could program because this sounds like a great idea, It does not sound impossible as I am sure the algorithm on this sight could be implemented into a 3d game. It would be so cool to have the library of babel in multiplayer game form. I am not sure how many people would play though. It would still be cool though.

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    OMG this needs to be shared to the news, there has to be a game developer somewhere that would ant to do this. but i like Eunexium’s idea the most.

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    As an amateur game designer, I too believe that it is feasible to create a 3d version of the library. However, I don’t think that shoehorning combat based mechanics into the library would produce the best experience.

    As we all know, the library by itself is interesting enough to captivate our imaginations and hold our attention. However, if you were to add additional mechanics you would need to make sure that they compliment the experience of the library rather than distract from it.

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    Hey guys!

    I actually created a working 3D version of the Library of Babel using Unity and my own version of a working algorithm (which of course is not as good as the one on this page but it is going to be replaced anyway as soon as the source code is released). I just created a new Topic in the Code, Bugs and Suggestions part of the Forum where I explain everything you need to know about my version and provide a download link for anyone who is interested. However, the Topic doesn’t show up yet for whatever reason. I hope that it’s just because it has to get approved by Jonathan or something similar because it was quite a long text I typed there 😀

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