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    Vitor,the awesome baboon


    I have questions about the image gallery and a question about both galleries for you:

    -Do you think that the image gallery could contain all present,past and future images of everything?Because no matter what image you search in the gallery,you’ll always find an exact match to that image.

    -Now we have a library that contains every possible text that can,and maybe will,exist AND a gallery of every possible image and photo that can,and maybe will,exist.Do you think you may have accidentally destroyed all originality.Draw something in Paint and then search for it.You’ll always find something.

    -Will you ever make a downloadable version of Babel’s Library and The Gallery?

    Thank You!You’re a genius!

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    Jonathan Basile

    I’m glad you like them, Vitor! I am working on a downloadable version that would have all 410-page books. And the image archive absolutely contains every possible image (reduced to 4096 colors) – including all those in the future. Somewhere in there is a picture of your funeral, and one of mine.

    Happy searching!

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    Well, since this is already a questions thread, I might as well post mine here instead of making another.

    The text library is very interesting and great for finding strings within otherwise random characters, but with the image library, finding an exact image by searching is not as interesting. I’m wondering if there is a way to edit the location in a way that would produce an image that is say 70% similar to the one searched, either with random noise or simply containing a portion of it.

    I don’t actually know if something like this would be possible, but I might as well ask.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Shooter,

    That would definitely be possible – I want to create some more complex image search options – hopefully I’ll have some time to do that next year.

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    Al Ebnereza


    WOW is my mind absolutely BLOWN!

    So, I have a question that came up when I showed the site to one of my colleagues, and he brought up a simple question that I’d love your help in answering.

    He said: “How do I know, that when I do an image search (by uploading), that this site isn’t just re-rendering my image down to 4096 colors and claiming it as a match in the image library??”

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I’m literally just 45 minutes on my discovering of LoB.

    Similar to the question posed above in this thread, is there a way to show some kind of Non-100% permutation of the searched image, before showing the exact match, or something like that?

    Thank you for the AWESOME site, I’m going to be on here for days and days! 🙂

    Curiously yours,

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    Jonathan Basile

    I’m glad you’re enjoying exploring the image archives! You can read a description of how the algorithm works at – follow the instructions in the navigation section to access an image by its index number.

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    Similar to the suggestion of searching by image relevancy, I think parameters for the slideshow would make it much more interesting to watch.
    If images with more coherent shapes and gradual shading (rather than noise) came up more often, I think that would shave off nearly all (relatively speaking) or the garbage images, though we’d still look at blotchy colours rather than photographs.

    Image search could also work with transparent pngs.

    What are you working on currently?

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    I see where you are coming from, but in the same vein, that’s the beauty of this library. Nothing is garbage, it is everything. Even garbage. If that makes sense.

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    Sorry to doublepost, if you can edit I don’t see how.
    This could maybe potentially be used to generate meaningful images if:
    a) the source was ground down to the tiniest fraction, to remove as many meaningless images as possible.
    and b) many iterations of a program utilizing a learning algorithm sifted through the remaining mass, with probably a human indication of its success/failure for any program approved image. I think a neural network could be capable of that, though I don’t understand them as well as I should like to.

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    Jonathan Basile

    I agree with mutou, there are a lot of programs that generate certain types of meaningful seeming images, but the purpose of a universal library is its indifference to our sense of meaningfulness.

    In order to have transparency in images, I would have to add transparency as a variable, which would vastly expand the size of the library. 10^961760 is enough!

    Seriously, though, I’d love to continue expanding but it will have to wait until I have a more powerful server the multiple seconds it takes to load an image now is really the limit, I think

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    Ian Baker

    i think that having a relevance search would make a great and useful addition.

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    dat’s a spam, eh?

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    Farouk Sellami

    Hi Jonathan,

    Your library is really mind blowing and it brought many questions to my mind. I want to share some of them with you.

    – let’s suppose If I am searching the images and suddenly i find some brand beautiful logo (let’s say coca cola for example) that would be perfect for their new marketing policy. Do I have the right to claim the intellectual property of that idea and logo after reworking it on photoshop, then sell to that brand? or that innovation belong to you because you are actually the creator of that logo? The same question works for any song lyrics on the text library.

    – If I understood well how the image library works. It’s naturally possible to find some respondent photos of people on a base of 4096 colors, may be naked, may be even doing weird thing.. In case that photo was already taken by the person concerned. Would it be a violation of privacy. some other photos can contain me and may be you Jon next to Einstein and Jules Cesar in a classroom while Obama is teaching us biology ? oO

    Thank you for your work Jon I expect this library to be very useful after some updates to improve searching options. I am so excited to contribute or help you in any possible way. By the way i tried to find my questions and your possible answers in the library and here an example:

    I hope you find it funny.

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    you’ll get no answer as he doesn’t give a fuck anymore about this site. your questions are very interesting, hopefully some dude will appear who can reply to them something that makes sense.

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