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    Durim Miziraj


    Im pretty impressed with the claims that this website makes, but i am also cautiously sceptic.

    I get the theory, no problem there. Im also guessing that you are not storing every possible page/image of every book and every sight that has ever been or will ever be on your servers. So its made on the go by this algorithm.

    I understand that searching for an image of patterns with something a human could recognize would take many lifetimes to find. So what i am wondering is how the search process goes, i cant imagine a search bot going through every possible image on babels library and sending me back the closest match…

    This is a representation of the library of Babel not an actual library of Babel.

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    Jonathan Basile

    The search algorithm is explained here:

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    Durim Miziraj

    Ok, so I get that it catalogizes all the pages and images of random letters and pixels so that every time the algorithm runs it will do the same calculations from beginning to the end with all the 10^4800 possible arrangements. Now what is processing this for every single one of us that runs the algorithm? The author of that text you linked me understands the limits of storing and searching those amounts of data. But why does he not mention the difficulty of processing that algorithm?

    So if your not storing it, and your not searching it, then its recreating the whole library for every search and triggers whenever my searchword is produced…. This is impossible.

    This cant be anything but a representation.

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    Durim Miziraj

    Its not hard to recreate what your doing here… All you have is a randomizer that makes sure not to create the same content twice then your taking our input and just putting it in a place where it has not been before. This isnt a true library of babel (the thought of it is laughable). Its just a user generated library meant to represent the theory.

    Its nicer to tell it like it is than to make some people look stupid thinking that this is the real thing.

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    tom wisnieff

    I think you have to realize that the information content of this library, is ZERO. By design, for any meaningful statement, the library will also contain it’s opposite. Thus, there is no net information.

    “John is” + “John is not” = “wtf”?

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    ilir fetahaj

    Durim, mduket se kjo biblioteka e Babel-it eshte e rikrijume ne nje model qe mund ta perballoj ket paradox qe supozohet ne shkrimet e Autorit original. Sistemet kompjuterike lejojne qe kto kalkulime te jen te mundshme dhe pikerisht sepse mund te krijojne algoritme aq te medha qe resultatet te permbajne gjdo fjal qe eshte ose mund te eshte thene ndonjehere.

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    You can think of the algorithm as generating a seed every time a book or page is loaded and the seed generates the content in the book making sure that the contents of the book aren’t generate twice.

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    This website is amazing

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    stan smith white vapour green

    Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

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