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    Doctor Citrus

    I found a very strange image that was generated. It looks as if there’s a triangle with a goldish-greenish tinge to it, as well as a cross and swirls. Really spooky.

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    The problem with this is, there is no way of proving that this was randomly generated of if you just re-uploaded an image with that in. Not saying you are a liar, but we would never actually know either way.

    I could say I just found this….

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    Jonathan Basile

    The one reliable way to see if someone found down thing without searching is to check the length of the image location number (or the hex name in the text library). Anything with an image location shorter than about 961000 digits was probably found by chance. Look at this for example:

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    Doctor Citrus

    Actually, that is true there’s no way to tell. Me and my roommate leave our computers running and see what comes up on here. We usually just upload random pictures of cake or something so we get a seed for the algorithm that is further away from the universal slideshow’s current mess, let the slideshow play from there, reason being we might be able to find some things that seem more like actual pictures or patterns rather than noise. And my roommate WAS the one who “found” this one, so it might very well just be a joke. Now that I think about it, the probability of that is insanely low.
    Someone’s getting banned from the ramen for having me excited.

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    Doctor Citrus

    Also, is there a way to find the image location number if it’s already been bookmarked with a name? Now I’m really curious.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Sure – if you click on the name it should bring up the number.

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    The original picture that the OP “found” has an image location of 961,760 numbers. You decide whether it was found or “faked” 🙂

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if friend found this too.

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    then look at this m8

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