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    Manu A.

    I’m curious, how big would the library be in real life? Approximately, of course.
    Is it like a city? a continent? 10^4677 is kind of hard to grasp…

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    The library would be vast, bigger than the observable universe by many many times. Even if each book was tiny as a bit of dust or the size of a single atom. Fill the entire earth, go up into the sky, filling everything, past the moon, sun, beyond the planets out to interstellar space, filling everything with books. All of that and you’ve covered not even a small fraction of the space required. The ink required to print the books would be a blob bigger that all of the oceans, actually bigger than filling all known space with ink.

    It is hard to grasp the vastness required to contain 10^4677 of anything with a physical form.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Lou is absolutely correct – there are more pages of text in the library than there are atoms in the universe, so no matter how small they were printed, the books would fill the knowable universe many, many times.

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    the most smartest guy in a obsverbable universe

    i tink it would be very big. Maybe like new jork?

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    the most smartest guy in a obsverbable universe

    and i mean the hole new jork state!!!!

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    calculating that atm, will get back to you in a while. I am a little busy so it will take a couple days

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    approximate volume of the known universe:
    approximate volume of an A5 size paper:,+148mm,+210mm)

    so the number of A5 papers filling the universe is:*10%5E80+cubic+meter)%2F(21756+cubic+millimeter)

    it is a nice number, let me write it here: 1.839*10^85

    the POSSIBLE different pages of this friggin’ library is 29^3200, that is about 4.716*10^4679. a good 4594 magnitudes of difference, if I am not mistaken. and I didn’t calculate in that pages can be repeated through the library. let it be ya’ homework.

    (I’d be grateful for being verified – I hope I didn’t make any logical mistakes here)

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    before any retard asks: the 4594 magnitude of difference doesn’t mean you’d need 4594 universes. you’d need 10^4594 universes, and that is a pretty huge ass number. you can spare some space by printing on both sides of the paper, still, you are seriously busted.

    it is a terribly huge number. the ‘1’ is followed by 4594 zeros.

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    The amount of pages in the library is too big to be pasted here lol


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