Short stories

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    L k

    There’s short stories, like really super short stories, would it be possible to find some of them?

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    Yes, but at an extremely low chance. It’s rare to find single words longer than 7 characters.

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    vlad the impious

    something i have learned about this place is that every actual book one may come across is bound to have errors, so naturally one would have to think around an x where an e should be in an otherwise intelligible volume. but on the opposite hand one could infer an entire story from a few words that you make up a meaning for on a page of otherwise nonsense.
    so there are actually entire books of actual meaningful stuff right in front of you but you must be able to infer the meaning of such a cacophony of what appears to be giberish by making sense of the few things on the page that actually make sense.

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    @vlad the impious

    Indeed. In fact, there could be entire stories where even a single letter change would alter the entire meaning of a sentence or entire plot.

    “The store is now open”
    “The store is not open”

    If you’re interested in another way to read the Library, I wrote a thread over here you could check out.

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