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    tom lukeywood

    Is the Server Side source code available?
    i would look for it in the library of babel but i would assume its more than 3200 characters XD!

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Tom,
    I’m going to make a downloadable version that will be open source – look for it early next year.

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    Tom Lukeywood

    Ok thanks a lot!

    also if you know the answer
    why isnt an Algorithm like the libary of babels
    already being used for compression?

    if you can match any data to a relativly small number this almost seems to good to be true.
    why do we not now have 5TB files that are being repesented as single numbers for uncompression?

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    Named Unnamed

    Probably because the coordinates for the data are similar in size to the information being located.

    Until someone figures out how to make the coordinates shorter it wouldn’t work well for compression. I suppose the coordinates could be made shorter by splitting the hex address into 100 letter long strings and have a library of an “alphabet” where each letter represents a specific combination of letters and numbers, thus the 3200 character long (6.4kbyte) coordinates get cut down to 32 characters (64bytes) + wall and shelf and vol and pages.

    It could further be cut down by making and algorithm where each room is a decagon (10 sides) with 8 walls, 10 shelves each, more volumes per shelf, and more pages.

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    It is impossible.
    You can never make the coordinates of the page smaller then the page (on average).
    You can use more characters like !”#ยค%&/()=? in the coordinates, making them shorter but they would still contain the same amount of information and therefore using the same amount of bits.

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    Named Unnamed

    If the coordinates are shorter then they would not contain the same amount of bits. Granted, they wouldn’t be all that much shorter.

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    Karl Vuleta

    I actually thought of the same thinbg after watching the vsauce video last night.

    If the library were to contain EVERY character (including unicode characters) the library would contain every file that has ever or will ever exist. It would contain every photo you’ve ever taken, or not taken, it would include a high definition video of how you will die.

    If you could split a 1 GB file into “books”, so replace the pieces with the location of the book in the library it should be smaller than the original file. Even if it was still 99 MB, that 99 MB file can also be split into books, and compressed even further.

    It would take a lot of computing power, but you could eventually compress something down using several levels of compression down to a VERY small file. Decompressing would just be generating the books, for each compression level, until the original file is generated.

    If only you could make the book location something simple like r2w3s8b18s243e657 (Room 2, Wall 3, Shelf 8, Book 18, Start Character 243, End character 657), and a file could be split into books like r2w3s8b18s1e3200,r4w1s3b13s1e2584-c9 (c meaning compression level) then you could compress 1 Terabyte with several levels of compression down to something less than 100 bytes – imagine file sharing potential, or a decades worth of daily server backups on a single 128 MB USB drive.

    It’s probably not possible, but a very interesting concept.

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    Karl Vuleta

    I meant 999 MB…oops

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    Awesome, can’t wait!

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    Ever since I’ve seen this Library I’ve been trying to understand it more and more so I cant wait till you make the open source version.
    Thank You,

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    Imagine Library of babel in a fps-type wander around the library type thing, teleporters in each room, you could be a librarian from the book. This kind of stuff is why LOB should be open source.

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    Jonathan Basile

    It will be! In the meantime, you can interact with the library in a 3D environment here: – designed by Keiwan Donyagard!

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    Hey Gianluca, you can teleport through the 3D library by opening the search menu (‘M’), typing in the desired roomnumber into the Hexagon field and pressing go. You are then automatically in your destination hex ๐Ÿ™‚

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    It is IMPOSSIBLE to compress data. Say you wrote an algorithm that took a letter (A-Z) and compressed it into one number (0-9). It’s impossible since you can not represent all the characters in an individual way with only ten numbers.

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