Seems fake.

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    I can string in gibberish that’s definitely not English, such as “ahsfkafhjkbfkafbvaqywhfdaqsbvjfhvajksfkasjfgfgasifugaefhygabshfvvjhvcjghvfc”…. And yet it can still find an exact match within sections of random English words. That doesn’t make any sense.

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    because the website represents absolutely every possible location of the what you looked for, so it can and will appear anywhere, however i can assure you, this is definitely not fake.

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    Hayley G Echols

    I also believe it is fake. I searched my full name with when and where I was born and in a page of random words such as “purchasers Jordan overintelligence” it said my paragraph in perfect order. Then when I go to browse the page where I found it, it just shows up as random letters and no option to change to English. The concept was there but not the execution.

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    I think you made a mistake somewhere along the line, Hayley.

    After entering the search query and clicking the link to a book with the query plus random English words (or any other link), one needs the full address of the book plus the page number to find it again.

    For example, the phrase “para potatoes is a silly person” appears on page 261, hexagon:


    wall 1, shelf 4, volume 07.

    In order to find my search query again, surrounded by random words, I need to browse that exact hexagon, wall, shelf, volume, and page. Getting any of these wrong will result in a different page altogether.

    Are you sure you’re entering all this information correctly?

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    Jesse :)

    My mother thinks that this is all a scam. She thinks that it is just inserted into the page and it’s all fake. Prove her wrong.

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    without knowing the exact source code behind this, I can’t prove anything to your mom. however, with some mathematical knowledge you can see that it might be perfectly plausible, no matter how complicated and vast this all is.

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    The website library of babel is fake cause 1)Whenever u will type text it always appears in the middle of that page. Even when you go on to search with other English words matches or Random char matches. 2)How in the coding of this website you can make this Library to know what are English words and what are just some Radom characters.

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    Josh Morris

    The Library of babel is clearly fake, whenever i type in a word on the page Yes it shows me it on a so called possibility, but it’s clearly just code that types in what you typed in again on a random page, because whenever i go to any other pages of the “book” it is just gibberish.
    This is a clear lie, scam and anyone who works out the “maths” behind it is just an idiot, due to the fact that they want to sound intelligent.

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    Josh Morris


    <TITLE>Search the Library of Babel</TITLE>
    <LINK REL=”stylesheet” TYPE=”text/css” HREF=”/text.css”>
    <SCRIPT TYPE=”text/javascript” SRC=”/js/search.js”></SCRIPT>
    <LINK REL=”shortcut icon” TYPE=”image/x-icon” HREF=”/favicon.png”>
    <meta name=”description” content=”Search the texts of the Library of Babel. Infinite, or at least indefinite, possibilities.”>
    <meta name=”author” content=”Jonathan Basile and Jorge Luis Borges”>
    <meta name=”keywords” content = “library of babel, Jorge Luis Borges, universal library”>
    <meta charset=”UTF-8″>
    <div class = “searchcontainer2” style = “position: relative; top:75px;”>
    <DIV id =”divider” style=”position: relative; top: 5px”>

    <FORM id = “searcher” ACTION=”/search.cgi” METHOD=POST>
    <p class = “textsearch”>Enter up to 3200 characters:<br><br><textarea style = “width: 300px; height: 125px; font-size:14px; font-family: Courier” maxlength=”3200″ id = “find” NAME=”find” onkeypress = “submitter(event)” onkeyup=”clearout()” autofocus></textarea></p>
    <p class = “textsearch” style = “width:500px; position: relative; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; top:-10px;” id = “advice”>The library contains only lower-case letters, space, comma, and period.</p>
    <p id = “image” style = “text-align: center; position: relative;”><INPUT id = “button” style = “width: 100px; position: relative; top:-10px;” CLASS=”btn” TYPE=”submit” VALUE=”Search” NAME=”btnSubmit”><br><INPUT type=”hidden” name=”method” value=”x”></p>

    <p id = “link” style=”position: relative; top:-10px; text-align: center; left:1px; font-size: 17; font-family: ‘Courier’,monospace”> Back to Portal</p>

    —Please tell me where the maths in this code is?
    There is very little.

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    That’s HTML, which is used for formatting. The actual code for generating all the books is written in some other programming language.

    Also, the Library generates all the pages independently of each other; generating one page full of meaningful words says nothing about any of the other pages, and it’s most likely that any given page would be complete gibberish.

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    @Josh Morris Someone sounds quite butthurt because they don’t understand how encryption/decryption works. If people who understand the maths are idiots then what are you? Didn’t you also try to sound smart when you attempted to find the code for the algorithm in an HTML file?

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    I’m not prepared to cry fake because I haven’t seen enough to make that determination for myself but I wonder if the claims made by the site are falsifiable? If not, I am disinclined to lend much credence.

    So help me understand if you will. When I search any given string of text using search, all I see is that text positioned somewhere on a page with no other characters.

    I would expect results to be found embedded amidst gibberish or other text, not floating alone on a page surrounded by nothing. These pages are not populated with spaces, as spaces are selectable text and there is nothing else to select. There is nothing on the page but my search text. Preceding and subsequent pages have the requisite gibberish text but never the search result page.

    The claim is that all pages share the same format but search results return only the searched text and nothing else on an otherwise blank page. This is inconsistent w the stated claims. It could just be my search string returned to me from what I can see.

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    The search function will also give you pages with random characters (which should statistically appear the most often), and also those with random English words. Have you tried those options?

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    he didn’t. he is just fagging around with faggish assumptions.

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    The other options do show me full pages but I’m not questioning those.

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