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    In this thread, I will be documenting my attempts to find the earliest (smallest babelia index) that contains an image that has some meaning, rather than colorful static.

    The list will go down from highest to lowest, with every new post being a image with a lower rank than the previous post.

    I’ll start with the basic canvas: a completely white background. We’ll see where we go from there.

    White background:

    16 babelions (I have dubbed ‘babelion’ the usual size of meaningful images, which is a 961760 digits number. Do note that 1 babelion is a 961759 digits number, 10 babelions is 961760, and 100 babelions is 961761 (961761 is divisible by 3)).


    white background

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    Next up, blue background:

    11 babelions.

    blue background

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    I found another one.

    Photoshop transparent chequerboard stretched:

    9 babelions (that’s a 961759 digits number).

    Photoshop transparent chquerboard background stretched

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    I’m surprised at how easy I am finding lower numbers. I think eventually this luck will run out.


    2 babelions (962759 digits).

    space galaxy picture

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    Ok, now I’m a little surprised I found something like this.

    Space eye:

    0.6 babelion (that’s right, a 961758 digits number. This thing is rare as f***).

    Space Eye

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    My first time trying out this site, not super used to it yet, but I think I found the earliest meaningful image:

    Unless I’m doing this wrong.

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    Did you think that I would fall for that? Or did you just think that would be a funny joke? Because that is not a good one if that was the case. Either way, you bookmarked the image as two, it actually is a 21 babelions image.

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    not sure why there are watermarks in all of your space photos, but imma let it slide.

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    I’m taking images from the Internet, so that’s usually why.

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    wow, nice “search” here.

    not even searching on your own.

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    What, Nick? They’re trying to find an image with the smallest index that they can manage. They are also requiring the image to have meaning, which means that random searches will not actually be able to ever locate it without an abnormally long span of time available (which is unreasonably far past the heat death of the universe).

    What exactly do you mean by “searching on your own?”

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    Ed Gore

    He means they’re infringing upon people’s copyrighted work by feeding it into this plagiarism machine called Babelia! We can’t find any images with “meaning” if you looked for your whole lifetime! This whole website is a scandal waiting to unfold!

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