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    Day 1 // Mar. 3rd 2018
    Deciphering the First Page of Volume 01 on the First Shelf of the First Wall of Hex 0, commonly known as “tig .xsw”, has shown to be a rather time-consuming task. The method I have chosen to use to decipher the First Page of “tig .xsw” is that of a fellow Librarian’s. Someone, who I found to be named “WIZARDOH” in the Forums, created a way to decipher the scrambles of letters. He claims that it isn’t as legitimate as the method another Librarian made, who’s named “Brddte”, but I think otherwise.

    Thus far in my findings, I’ve made sense of the Title of Volume 01. The Title, from what I have deciphered, means “With Making Love Freely. A Prayer of Mine.” It makes sense because of the Babel-speech that WIZARDOH created. The Babel-speech translation of this Title is “Tam Inpa Gawl. Xen So Wa.” I will explain the meaning of each word bellow:

    Tam – “With”

    Inpa – “To Breeding”

    Gawl – “Water / To Flow”

    Xen – “A Prayer / To Pray”

    So – “Of (Possessive Preposition)”

    Wa – “Me / I / Mine”

    Although it might seem strange how I came about making a Title out of the meaning of each of these Babel-speech terms, the correlation between both the English Title and the Babel-speech Title is clear. You can see where the thought process might have been sprung to make such a translation. Alas, my translation of the Title “tig .xsw” might be questioned by some. Even if this is true, this is my personal translation of the Title. My interpretation of the Babel-speech on the First Page of “tig .xsw” might be just one of many opinions of what this Page has to offer, but it is still my own interpretation. Please respect that.

    As we move onto the First Line of the First Page, I have figured out what it would be in Babel-speech. It would be the following:

    “Enta…kelor tam darmo oni, bahtow awol enta fron queri. Zu. Uma nev queri uma so inpa uma
    gawl, moro vo gawl xen wa nev inpa, gawl hinto yir ra hinto awol ra so zu lat oni wa ra wa moro
    kelor hinto gawl yir jarv tam…enta. Awol. Queri fron jarv zu patta, fron nev uma tam jarv zu ra
    patta, queri hinto kelor lat…”

    It has been a struggle for me to translate the First Line into Babel-speech, but it’s even more of a struggle to translate the Babel-speech into a reasonable sentence or phrase that’s on topic with the rest of the text. Nevertheless, I have found the translation for the First Sentence of the First Line:

    “Child…to perceive with knowledge as a greater power, you must not question the nature of the infinite darkness childishly.”

    Even reading this now, I think I have found a different way to translate this:

    “Child…in order to keep those around you to see you as a knowledgeable leader, you must not question the nature of eternal darkness as a child would.”

    I came to the conclusion that the Babel-speech meant this and not my previous interpretation because I thought the phrase “to perceive with knowledge as a greater power” sounded odd. As I typed my discovery here, I noticed how it could possibly be about the image of the child rather than the child being told to perceive, or see, with a greater understanding. With the last part of the sentence, I changed it to make sense with the first half of the sentence while staying true to the Babel-speech I translated it from. This sentence would mean that someone was telling this child, presumably a young leader, that in order to be seen as a leader they must not question darkness as if they were a child. This would mean that the speaker, being the person talking to the child, would be telling the young leader not to be scared of the darkness so that they could be seen as a person of strength.

    I have much more to decipher. I will add more to my Report tomorrow.

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    This is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing your translations with us! The content of the Library seems to be largely subject to personal interpretation (using the method you did), but it’s very interesting to see how different people take meaning from the text, as much as any of it can be said to have meaning. Please continue!

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    Do you think you could show us your methods or link to the page or translation key you are using for this? Right now it doesn’t seem very clear how you could get what you got out of literal gibberish.

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    Read the first post. He mentioned that he used WIZARDOH’s method, found here:

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