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    Simon Chadwick

    A fun though expensive art installation project would be to build a full-size complete hex.

    You would build the hexagonal room. The four bookcases would be filled with actual books, printed with the actual texts. The spines would be labelled with the shelfmark.

    I am thinking that you would choose a hex that contains an “interesting” text but not indicate where in the hex that text is to be found.

    Visitors would be free to take books off the shelves and browse them.

    The doorways would be roped off, but you could look through into the next hexes. They would also have shelves and books but if people are not allowed in then there would be no need to make the books real, they could be “fakes”. You could also make the subsequent hexes just visible through the next doorways to give an impression of the continuing library.

    I think it would be most effective if access were through a spiral staircase in the centre of the hex.

    If you were super ambitious you could do more than one hex joined together in the same way. Just rope the doorways at the limits of the full impleentation and surround with “stage set” hexes to give the illusion of continuity.

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    Simon Chadwick

    I made a single book. It’s pgfhuiijrcovsndzdkmgbfvirsavodmbcigepsjfd-w2-s4-v20

    More info at my blog:


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    It would be a neat project. I feel like an art museum might like one actually.

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    that’s a fookin’ great idea! I would definitely attend this shit!

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    Sasha Wolf-Powers

    Yeah. Have like ten hexagons and also 100 screens each going through the image slideshow at different points.

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