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    Jonathan Basile

    One of the only parts of the site which returns errors with some regularity (now that users have been immensely helpful in identifying a number of former problems) is the title generator which is called from the Browse page. When you browse to a new shelf, a script is called which returns the thirty-two titles of the books on that shelf. If this script malfunctions, you will either see the bookshelf appear without any titles/links on the book spines, or the titles and links which are in place will not change when you attempt to browse to a different shelf.

    I have had trouble reproducing this error myself, though I can see in my error logs that it happens on occasion for other users. If you have this problem please let me know, and give me any information about what you were doing at the time which might be helpful (for example, which hexagon-wall-shelf you were trying to view, or from which page you navigated to the browse page).

    Thank you as always to all users who take the time to help me improve the site.

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    then open the source. if you couldn’t write a bugfree code, let failures be found by the users.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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