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    Jonathan Basile

    Borges’ political affiliations are an interesting aspect of his personal life, worthy of study. I’ve been planning to add a theory page regarding my thoughts on the subject, but for now thought I would post links to some of the material I’ve been looking at to organize my thoughts.

    Some say he supported the oppressive regimes who held power in Argentina during the period of his greatest popularity, some say he simply didn’t speak out enough. I find his political lack of involvement very problematic, but disagree with the approach some scholars or biographers take of claiming that because he was _______ (a fiction writer, a fabulist, a writer of texts about texts, a dedicated scholar, etc.) he only had a mind for fantasy, not reality. Whatever your views of his political engagement, it requires a more careful interpretation to understand its relationship to his work.

    These two articles make an interesting point/counterpoint. The first excuses him, the second accuses him:


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