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    So, I’ve been thinking about this site and reading about it since I found it a couple of days ago. I’m not very smart but I can understand the whole concept of an algorithm that places colors that may or may not form an image that makes sense, but even though the number is mind-blowingly high, it is still finite, right? Therefore, it can’t contain in its “archives” every single possible picture of everything (real or not, possible or not) because that would be an infinite number of things.

    For instance, somewhere among the random noise images there is a picture of a creature. It doens’t exist, but it can be represented just like an image of an Alien that doens’t exist can be created. But that creature can look like anything, and since it doesn’t exist in the real world that “anything” can really be anything, without any limitation at all. An infinite number of appearences that creature can have.

    So, does this mean that there is a limit to what can be found in the gallery? Does anything I said make any sense or am I just saying a bunch of dumb stuff?

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    The number of images in the Library are finite, indeed. The number is massive, however, the Library will only show you images that are 640×416 pixels and contain only 4096 colors.

    Think of it like this: Imagine having to list out all 4-letter words. Well, we know there are 26 letters in the alphabet, so to calculate it would be 26^4 or 456,976 words. You’ll have actual words like “wood” or “time”, but also a lot of nonsense words like “xkqt” or “mzfw”. The number of images can be calculated as 4096^(640*416). It’s a very big number:*416).

    This information is listed on the Image Archive About Page:

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    Those numbers always blow my mind. It’s fascinating to imagine what’s inside the image slideshow and the library.

    Thanks for the answer, cheers

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