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    I found nudes of my GF. Please delete! It’s not for everyone to see.

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    Elliot A

    I don’t think you understand how this works. It’s guaranteed to find every image. If you don’t want to see an image, don’t search for it. No one will find your gf’s nudes unless they spend quadrillions of years looking for them (at which point hacking your devices, drugging you, or even convincing her to date them would be by far more efficient).

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    Any picture you find in the Archives must first be uploaded by you, because that’s how the math works. So…. really it’s your fault.

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    Jack Teichrib

    Ok now this made me chuckle. And yeah unless you share the link to the location no one is ever gonna see it. It’s statistically near impossible.

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    Donald Canaday

    So if I said I found nude pics of myself in the LOB and sued, how would it be proven that I uploaded the picture. Theoretically, I could just browse through and come across it. Unlikely, but possible. LOB, however, wouldn’t be able to prove that the pics weren’t there, since every pic is there. Given a dumb enough jury, I should win.

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    Ed Gore

    Donald, you don’t seem to understand numbers. You cannot find any intelligible pictures out there amid the statistical noise, let alone such a specific picture. There are just too many pictures out there for you to find anything remotely sensible in your lifetime. Stop making redundant arguments mate.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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