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    Brandon Dozier

    This might be a dumb question, but I want to ask why the library isn’t in order? As far as I understand, the library generates a 29 character string. The letters a – z including space, comma, and period. My question is why isn’t the very first page of the first book not 3,200 a’s? And then the next page 3,199 a’s followed by a “b” and so on. A simpler example I think would be a string of 3 letters. So the first group would be “aaa” followed by “aab” all the way to “aaz”. And then “aba” until you finally get “azz”. The next step would be going through the entire alphabet repeating each letter until you finally get to “zzz” which would contain every 3 letter word, including every 3 letter non-word.

    I suspect I don’t fully understand the way pages generate, but I just was wondering why it wouldn’t be in order.

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    From what I recall, Jonathan chose to order the Library in a random fashion either to give off a more accurate feel to browsing the Library in Borges’ story, or because it was just simply more interesting that way.

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