Open source?

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    Olek Gierczak

    I’m not sure if this has been addressed, but I was just wondering if the code for the generation would ever be made open source. I don’t think it would change many people’s ideas of the project being “fake” but I think it could be incredibly interesting.

    As a next best thing, is there a more in depth explanation of the algorithm for generating than in the theory section? I’m particularly interested in understanding the justification that the process indeed spans all possible 3200 character books.

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    it was promised that the source is going to be released, but it didn’t happen yet.

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    The source code has been requested numerous times, with an unfulfilled promise to deliver so last year. I’m not sure if Jonathan encountered an obstacle or has some reservations yet, but I’ll patiently wait for the day!

    However, I’m inclined to disagree. By opening the source, all doubts towards the library being fake will be washed away. With the algorithm exposed, it can be analyzed by anyone, and be confirmed that it truly does what it claims. Though, I too am curious about the math behind the guarantee that all pages can be generated without collisions. Otherwise, it’s entirely possible that two exact duplicate books can exist in the library.

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    Veren Aïnarea

    I second the request for the source code. It would be really neat if it was opened up.

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