Open Source?

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    Darren H

    I am very interested in seeing the source code. I have created my own similar thing to this. It generates random pages of 3260 characters using a seed for each page.
    I’d love to know how the search works- how so many pages can be scanned through so quickly.

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    Anthony Cook

    It’s like you all read my mind. If this code is what it says it is then potential LoB could change the world.

    Primarily in the field of data compression.

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    I’m sure you would have referred to the latest in the word of string generation and related algorithms while working on this project, but would still love to checkout the source code and possibly expand the library (i.e. increase the char/page count), to make it even more phenomenal. Looking forward to it.


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    Can’t wait to see this released, I think some amazing things can be done with it in the field of long rage low bit-rate data communications in amateur radio

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    Looking forward to the publishing. 😀

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    Sooo…what’s the progress with the open source?

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    JD Evans

    Take your time and what you find right as the developer, this is your code after all.

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    To those wondering how the library works, it works backwards, to GENERATE the page you are searching for.
    No actual search is performed. That is why the algorithm is so quick. If you actually searched a physical library, you would find the appropriate text there by using the algorithm to parse the address, recreating what should be at that location.

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    Would it be possible to pay for early access to the algorithm? If so how much would the price be?

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    You can email me your response btw.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Jory, if you have any questions about how it works I’m happy to share details and code samples for now – let me know what you’re wondering about.

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    Well, I am wondering about the specific algorithm used to generate the pages. That’s it really.
    I have a specific use for this, and am willing to share the project with you in exchange for the code, seeing as your code would make or break my project. I would prefer to discuss it in private through email though.

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    Dear Jonathan Basile!

    I am Thomas, programmer and studying at the JKU university in Austria.
    Based on your algorithmn I can imagine some ground breaking IT inventions, which could change the web as we know it right now.

    Please contact me via. email. I am really interested in your algorithmn.

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    Mark Vass

    I’ve been thinking strongly about the Library of Babel and it’s mathematical formula. Where reversely you could feed your PC a marker of code, and it would generate books or images and foreseeable in the future audio. I’m thinking why not movies? Why not have a CD, yes one regular CD that could generate hundreds of thousands of your favorite movies or songs. Well, I played with the thought for awhile then I eventually took a break from the idea. However, the night before my interest in math was peaked, and I started digging into numbers like Pi. I’m not saying I found the key to the puzzle, but this is a good reason for hope. I wish I were blessed in the field of computer programming and a math-magician as I honestly see a gold mine in this potential program. Example, after the PC finds your image you’ve uploaded when searching for it in the LoB, it can generate it at any time from its place marker. The same media will always hold a fixed place in a never ending irrational number. One could virtually back up their whole family albums with practically no space at all in say an XML file. I’m not a smart man; I spent all my school years in learning disability classes, but I hope this helps bring someone’s ideas to life. My thought on movies was a long string of markers a program sowed together a the rate of fps (or ratio 1:1 markers per second) with the addition of its generated audio.

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    I wonder where the source code is…

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