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    While browsing a random book, I stumbled upon this page:

    Now, this may not look like much to you, but to me, this is an exact copy of a collaboration I am working on with some friends. The thing is, what are the odds that I stumbled upon my own writing on accident?

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    Jonathan Basile

    Impossibly low.

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    And that is exactly why I made this thread. If this site has this collab on it, (A collab which started months after the finalization of the generation of books) Imagine the possibilities of what it could hold. Even more so, if I can find a piece of text that I was part of, What if somebody were too see the opening paragraph of a book they have yet to write, or the end to a movie that has yet to come out. Essentially, even though most of this site is gibberish, so much of it could be more useful than anybody could imagine.

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    Dude, we all know you just searched for that string of text and it sent you to the page that has that. There is no way you hit random and found that.

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    well, each line contains 80 characters, and there are 40 characters, so there are (80)(40)=3200 characters on each page.

    there are 29 possible characters; the 26 letters of the alphabet, the coma, the period, and the space.

    therefore, there are 29^3200 possible pages in this library, which implies that the odds of you finding any one page is 1/29^3200… which is indeed a very low probability.

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    ok guys,and i know how bullshit this sounds, the same thing just happened to me. i do not kid. i read this literally 30 seconds ago, and i just stumbled against this page but a few moments ago.


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    Your writing is poor.

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    You’re writing is poor.

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    L K

    I’ve come to the conclusion that if you deliberately search for something, the library is just going to add that search to its list of stuff and randomly incorporate what you searched into other books and pages. There’s no way that is just prints out anything coherent without it first being typed into the library

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    You don’t understand how the library works then. It will take what you search, put it in a page of random words or characters, and then it will reverse engineer that 3200 character page through the algorithm to determine the exact location in which it appears.

    The issue is that actually randomly coming across the very specific hex, wall, shelf, volume, and page with anything coherent is an astronomically low chance.

    While the library COULD take searches, and add them to storage, to do so would be inefficient. Those of us who understand the library know that it is easy enough to create that it’s not reasonable to conclude it is fake.

    If I took the time to learn HTML, CSS, and encryption/decryption, I could probably make a simple version of this within a year (most likely far less time).

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    @Andy And 29*3200 = 92,800. Now, if there are approximately 3.2 billion(source), then the chances of a certain page being found by ANYONE with internet access is: 92,800 / 3,200,000,000
    or 1 in 34482.7586207

    Obviously, not everyone knows about this site, but there’s a good chance that someone will visit this site at least once in their life.

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    protip: 29*3200 != 29^3200

    calculate it again man

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