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    George Kaplan

    I just found this website a couple days ago and my mind was absolutely blown. I desperately want to keep an open mind and believe the truth behind this, but in order to do that I need someone to explain what I’ve found.

    I was 98% sure of the validity of this amazing seemingly infinite cornucopia of randomized books, upon shelves, upon walls, in the library of babel. However that 2% of skepticism lead to me to a small experiment with the image section. I would find a random picture online, type its URL in the library of babel image search bar, and it would show up. I copied the number sequence that accompanied it and pasted the sequence to a Word document. At first I did this just to see if that same # sequence would produce the same image upon re-entering it, and it did. But then I decided to check how many pages that sequence took up which was 276 pages of numbers. I did this about 20 times, and each time the page number was 276, each time the line count was 11,588, and each time the Character count was 961,760.

    If this is legitimate, how can this be that every single image has the exact same character count? Obviously the #’s themselves are different, but there are the exact same amount of #’s. I’m willing to believe I’m just missing something, but if anyone can explain, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I think that if you used your head a little, it would become more apparent why. Let’s suppose that we have 10 billion images (which is already a lot). You’d agree that’s a lot images, correct? Say we have the 4 billionth image and the 8 billionth image. They are 4 billion images apart, which is a lot, however, they both share the same number of digits (10).

    Now, consider this: how many of the 10 billion images has 10 digits? The range would be from 1 billion to 9,999,999,999. 10 billion would have 11 digits, and all numbers before 1 billion would have less than 10. So, should you pick a random image, what is the probability of it not having 10 digits? There’s 999,999,999 + 1 (the 10 billionth image), so 1 billion images that fall into that criteria, which means there are 9 billion that do have 10 digits. So for each non-10-digits image, there are 9 that are 10 digits, which means that you’ll probably have a 10 digits image. But this is only considering billions. In this library, we’re talking about almost a million digits numbers. So even though the number of images that have less than 961760 digits is a lot, the amount of numbers between, say, 100 * 10^961760 and 500 * 10^961760 is four hundred times the size of every single number before 1 * 10^961760 (which is all numbers that don’t have 961760 digits). So you could say that for every image that doesn’t have 961760 digits, there are billions upon billions upon billions UPON BILLIONS of images that do have it. This is the enormity of the database of images. So really, the chance of you finding a image on the internet that gets mapped in this library to a 9 digits number is so slim, that it would be easier for you to win the lottery every day since you were born than getting that.

    Having that said, I did find an image that had 961756 digits, which is 4 digits less than the usual and is the luckiest I think I’ll ever be.

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    George Kaplan

    Well I feel like an idiot… thanks for explaining, makes perfect sense.

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