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    Music Hex

    This is just an idea. Would it be possible to find a entire hex that would store only letters that represent Musical Notes? If so what would happen if you played it? it would most likely just sound like random notes (because they most likely are) but what if you actually found the notes for a real song?

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    Brandon Dozier

    Interesting thought. In fact it would be possible to find musical notes represented as letters. For examble, a, b, c, d, e, and f are all notes for piano, and you could represent the black keys with another letter. But because of the vastness of the library, there is every single possible combination of piano notes in the library. Including every song that has ever been played as well as every song that will never be played. Granted, with all of that, most of it is nonsense that doesn’t sound like music at all. I don’t know much about music in general, except piano since I play a little. But i believe you could technically do the same with any other instrument as long as you can represent a note with a letter. Crazy to think that in the library every song exist, including the lyrics to those songs.

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    Brandon Dozier

    I just realized you are talking about complete hexes in the library. I’m actually not sure since the hexes are seemingly randomly placed. Its possible probably with how many hexes there are, but since this website has it random pretty much, not fully sure.

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    Music Hex

    Possibly the black keys would be represented by the note followed by a number? Ex. e1 = E flat,
    e2 = E sharp

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    Well, just as the Library’s seemingly random pages could instead be some unknown language and actually has meaningful text, so too could it contain sheet music for an alternative form of musical notation.

    Think of it this way: Sure, you have notes A through G, but then you also have flats and sharps, octaves, how long a note is to be played, chords, the type of instrument, and many other pieces of data that need to be represented. Rather than A-G, you could assign Ab the letter “A”, Normal A as “B”, A# as “C”, and so on. Or you could use a comma for flat and a period for sharp (Ab = “A,” and A# = “A.”). It can be any number of interpretations. Since there are no numerals in the page’s character pool, you can’t really use those.

    There have been a couple of attempts at trying to make music out of the Library’s pages. One approach used a script that fed the page as input to a very simple note generator:

    Another approach used my method of translating hexadecimal data to fit a MIDI file onto a page:

    The same method from above could be used for another audio file type such as MP3, but you will have very little to fit on just a single page. At best, you could probably fit about 5 seconds worth, but with MIDI you can fit a lot more since it’s basically just a text file version of sheet music.

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    Music Hex

    Thanks that was really helpful. 🙂

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    Music Hex

    SO following that rule, what if we found a Hex that had only music? Here’s a code for music.

    A# = a,
    Ab = a.
    A = a
    B# = b,
    Bb = b.
    B = b
    And so on.

    Here’s one for the timing of the notes
    1 = whole note
    2 = half note
    3 = quarter note
    4 = eighth note
    5 = sixteenth note
    5 = thirty-secondth note

    You would put the timing before the note

    and for notes beamed notes

    44 = sixteenth beamed note

    and so on

    Using this code im going to try and find smoke on the water. I’ll post the location when I find it.

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    Music Hex

    and for open notes on specific strings its the string name followed by a space

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    Music Hex

    I just realized. instead of the number itself spell the number out.

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    Music Hex

    Smoke on the water for the bass
    threee threegthreeaththreee threegthreea,threeathreee threegthreeathreeathreee

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    Music Hex


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    Regarding the numbers, you could also just use the letters after G, rather than spelling out numbers for the notes.

    Also, the location you posted is only partial. You need to click the hex link on the left of the page, which takes you back to the book selector. On the top, it will show the full hex in the box, which you can copy. Either that or use the bookmark feature.

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    Ed Gore

    Alternatively, you could use a pseudo-cathartic vocalizer algorithm, which would rescramble the pentatonic endgame into one elegant linear strait. And Delengroth says I don’t know anything about programming! Yeah

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    Music Hex

    Heres the actual location
    Hex: 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
    Wall:4 Shelf:5 Volume: 25

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    Music Hex

    How do you use the bookmark function?

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