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    I’ve been lurking around here for a while and it was only recently when I found out that bookmarks made by other people show up for me. Not only that but bookmarks that have the same name, add a number at the end that shows you how many bookmarks have that exact name. When Delengroth found out someone tried to send a message to vsauce by using the bookmark name “vsauce”, it got me wondering how widespread this was. How many people use this method to send messages to others? So I checked the bookmarks with the name “one.” I found about ten results and added one of my own. I’m pretty sure two or three were meant to actually convey meaning, but it was exceedingly interesting searching for messages from other librarians. What do you guys think about this?

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    I’m glad that someone else discovered bookmark surfing! Yes, the Library’s bookmark collection is a whole archive of what people have chosen to input and save into the Library. It’s randomly browsing and reading strangers’ thoughts.

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    Bookmark surfing can be quite fun. I find that there are about 3 or 4 varieties of bookmarks:

    The first being ones from people casting a message out into the unknown (such as yourself, in bookmark one:11).

    Another, which I’ll lump several overlapping ones into, are those who either clicked it by mistake on a page with nothing on it, or just stupid messages. You can tell some of these are ones found by the Random feature, since they’re usually on the first page of a book with no message to be found.

    The third would be people trying to relay messages to each other. I made a remark a while back about how most of these end up being (most likely) bored high school students. For example, in bookmark one:6, use the Anglishize feature and you’ll see a message in the middle of the page: “sextoycjbrandon trinh and felicity lok get back together and live happily ever after.”. It’s kind of cute, like a modern version of passing notes around in the classroom.

    The last one I’ll call “utility” bookmarks, which I wasn’t going to include originally. These are ones used to save experiments or activities utilizing the Library. To my knowledge, I seem to be the only one who does this. For example, bookmark “word_search_puzzle_safari_animals”:

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    You should make a bookmarked page that contains all of your utility bookmarks

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    Actually, I’ve thought about making a small webpage containing all of my various experiments. At this point I’ve accumulated a bunch, and they’re a bit spread around my threads/replies. It would be nice to have a central location for them all. 🙂

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    yes you must do this, it will be a haven for the curious people of this website

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