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    Fantastic site and an amazing idea – one that is also potentially very scary of you were ever to come across something that was very real but had not actually been created. Questions though – how come when you upload an image and get it’s location the surrounding locations when you begin the slideshow from that point are never related to that image? I.e the one after isn’t the same picture with a pixel in a different place? Certainly the examples I’ve followed the following images are just scrambled static again.

    How does the algorithm work in relation to the pixel mapping?

    Also, do you think anybody will ever stumble on anything that might be representative of a photograph of something that may or not Yeaveley ever been taken? I don’t think it’s likely but it still doesn’t stop me from trying!

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Greggo,

    It’s designed that way on purpose – I use a pseudo-random number generator so that the adjacent images (and the pages of text too) don’t bear any relationship to each other. You can read about how it works here: https://libraryofbabel.info/theory4.html

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    would be an interesting experiment of starting the image catalogue with total black, and ending with total white, to change it in every step with 1 pixel.

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