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    Jonathan Basile

    Thank you, Niels! I’m so glad you enjoy it.

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    Jonathan a.k.a linux535

    When will you be releasing software version of it? and will it be linux compatible.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey fellow Jonathan,

    Unfortunately I have to admit that that project is on hold indefinitely. I’m starting school in August and have had a lot of great opportunities for writing come up this summer, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to it. I’d like to make a cross-compatible version, if I ever do.

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    Last Resort Friend

    Hey Jonathan! I was wondering if you could release the source code behind generating the pages and the search function since the project is now on hold. I ask because I had an idea that might actually work and if it does then it would be possibly one of the best things ever for file compression. While pointing to one page at a time may be considered too inefficient it is another case to point to an entire book at a time no? What I wanted to do was have a program that takes a maximum batch of characters (however many characters are in a book total) and search the library for all books with the first pages worth of material, then search those for all books with the second pages worth of material all the way down to finding the exact book. While I can see this taking up extreme amounts of computational power I can also see this as one of the most efficient compression methods around. It is a project I would very much like the opportunity to work on! Thanks for reading!

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    Hello Johnathan,

    What a shame to hear there won’t be a downloadable version, I was waiting for that :.(
    It would have made the library more timeless, eventually all servers have to shut down.
    Hell I would have paid for it!, but oh well.

    Anyway, best of luck with your study 🙂

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    Jonathan, i love what you have created while hating it at the same time, it reviles to me at least the universal truth behind all information, its a shame you can’t make a full version. i have cried several times over this website. If you could release the source code i think you would be doing a good to benefit humankind as a whole. you have created something truly special. Thank you

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    To Last Resort Friend

    I’m sure there is some copy online somewhere. If not, perhaps he will be generous to post she source code by the end of summer. Your idea is something that DEFIANTLY needs to be incorporated. Especially if we want more people to come here. I myself was actually thinking of building a virtual reality variant of site (with Jonathans consent if course). Imagine being able to actually traverse the library. The htc vive or even the mobile vr headsets could make for some good experience.

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    To Last Resort Friend.

    Hello! I was just going through the forums to see if an API has been released yet (a weekly search), and I saw your post. My first thought when I found the library a few months ago was to try and find the first Harry Potter book, and when I realized it was practically impossible to do manually, I came up with the exact same solution as you have shared above!

    I’m writing this to see if you would like to maybe collaborate in making this possible if an API ever comes out, or an offline version? If so, reply to this comment and we can figure out some way of getting in touch, without posting emails in a general forum.

    – Franco

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    This is an awesome website but if the author can help how to figure out to search on it because in this wepsite it is the day we all die somewhere around there one of this books has that day and a bunch of other stuff saying how you die I just search of my birth and when I look at the book there was my mom name it is not a name you might see a lot of it was there and my father a name nothing else but if you search it at a point where it says how your mom felt this can possibly predict the future and has the pass in here there is all the bibles in there all book but in different pages and that can be Ade this site is awesome so if we ever give a name to something its here a billion million times and again the keymanster librarian creator what ever you wanna be called if you could help me figure out how we can find this kind of info the. We might be able to predict the future

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    How unfortunate that this monumental achievement will go unnoticed by the majority of society. You should be extremely proud of your creation. Not only is your algorithm the library, but the librarian. You have brought something to life that not only is inconceivable by so many, but achievable by even fewer. Tip of the hat to you sir. FYI, I was steered here via a vsauce YouTube video reference from a friend. If only humans liked abstract thought brought to reality more than the Kardashians……. well done sir, well done.

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    Giovanni Croce

    I am so exciting to read every day this Library! This is really the best site ever created by someone.
    I have two question for Jonathan:

    1)Is it possible to download better the text, for example in PDF? I want to print my favorite volumes but it is no so beautiful in text mode;

    2) how can I find my italian words inside? Have you any suggestion?

    Thank you so much,


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    This is really exciting. I had checked out Borges’ Collected Fictions from the public library and renewed it ad nauseum. I was especially fond of the hexagonal library.
    What do you guys think about something analogous existing in music? Beyond the scope of the well-tempered klavier and Western tonality you could employ microtones, quarter-tones, etc but you would be technically limited to what the ear can differentiate, rendering music finite and able to be put through an algorithm into all its possible permutations. I am not well versed in the technology you employ and I find it downright magical.

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    Eston Raemundo

    THIS is the reason I waste so much time on this site:

    Volume 32 on Shelf 5 of Wall 1 of Hexagon:

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    Brian Copeland

    ^^ If you’re curious about what Eston Raemundo was referring to, it’s page 154.

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    Ross Presser

    @Jen : figure out how to express any music piece using the letters a-z plus comma space and period. That will map any music piece to a book.

    Here’s one possible mapping:
    a-g = note
    h = rest
    q r s = flat, natural, or sharp (optional)
    t-z – note length
    t = whole
    u = half
    v = quarter
    w = eighth
    x = sixteenth
    y = thirtysecond
    z = sixtyfourth
    Separate measures by a space. If multiple voices are required, separate by commas.

    So, this would be “mary had a little lamb”:
    evdvcvdv eveveu dvdvdu eveveu evdvcvdv evevevcv dvdvevdv ct

    This appears here, among others:

    You could also encode triplets, time signatures, key signatures … whatever.

    Another possible mapping, much simpler to execute though much harder to see variations:
    Take a midi file in bytes; encode it as hexadecimal characters; search.

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