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    I would really like every combination of audio on library of babel so that every piece of music already exists.

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    actually this is a great idea!

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    You said if you “expand” the site there will be support options available. Does this mean we the Library of Babel will be getting more characters?

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    Huzzah! Let those seemingly infinite amount of books drive you insane! Let those books fall from the heavens!

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    are you on crack?

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    Hello everyone, I have just recently encountered this amazing library of near infinite discovery, and I have been thinking… when we are armed with the technology, time, and energy required, we may be able to use this site (or the code within), for discovery purposes. Here is an idea that may prove useful to us, at least for now.

    I think, so that further generations will not search in vain, there should be a “New Discovery” feature. This feature will be in the main portal, and will open a page that has never before been accessed on this site before. That would make it so that people can visit this site at a regular interval and study for a while, and then leave and let others do the rest for them. If anything is found, it can be reported. Although the chances are insanely slim that you would encounter another page that someone has already seen (given you access it at random), for future generations, and thousands of years into the future this may prove to be very useful.

    Anyways, great work, fellow programmer, and I wish you the best in any other amazing projects you pursue! 😀

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    nice idea, but don’t be too naive – Jonathan doesn’t develop it anymore.

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    John Smith

    Any chance we can get the actual formula or source code? I think this could have other applications, such as procedural compression, asynchronous file transmission, and encryption.

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    Kelly Eaton

    So, I’m totally ignorant to the discussions regarding the site presently, so this may have been explored; if so, thank you for your patience. I’m wondering who’s done meaningful research into the analogy this project has with multiple universe theory and if the primary algorithm functions on a Hilbert’s curve?

    Also, does the algorithm accommodate all “nonsense” possibilities, or strictly those which make grammatical sense, in a certain percentage of the text?

Viewing 9 posts - 136 through 144 (of 144 total)
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