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    i was just thinking.. whats the likelyhood that a certain hex contains a specific word.. or any combination of letters, from doing a bit of math, i managed to get these numbers.. i have no clue how accurate my calculations are, as im pretty bad at statistics, but yeah

    1 letters: 2702702702.7027027028%
    2 letters: 86281276.9628990510%
    3 letters: 2748098.3159653520%
    4 letters: 87512.0252461692%
    5 letters: 2786.3068643228%
    6 letters: 88.6982236604%
    7 letters: 2.8230832478%
    8 letters: 0.0898365637%
    9 letters: 0.0028582557%
    10 letters: 0.0000909213%

    my calculation was basically this
    (31^letters)/(((80-(letters-1))*40)*410*32*5*4) and then convert to percentage (100/result)
    31 is the diffrent amount of characters allowed: alphabet, comma, dot, space
    80 is page width, 40 pageheight etc

    would be intresting if the creator of this website has a more accurate and/or refined calculation

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    how did u manage to get 100+%s for real likelihoods m8? also, why did u post this into the section that is about the life and works of Jorge Luis Borges?

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    oh ops, didnt mean to post in the wrong section, i apologize (any way to move to the correct sub forum?)

    as for the +100%
    well, take 5 letters: 2786%, so that means you would statistically see any 5 letter word, appear 27 times in each hex

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    i guess you cant edit posts i made?

    anyways, i just wanted to say that i guess its not really a calculation about the ‘likelyhood’ of any specific word appearing in any hex, but a calculation on how MANY times that word should appear in each hex, with 100% being 1 time in each hex, 200% being 2 times, 50% being.. well, 50% likely to appear in a hex

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    a-ha, now I see, thanks!

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