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    Comfortable Mystery (1-4) by Kevin MacLeod
    They’re royalty free and you can find them on

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    Oh, boy. I hope I can do this on a Mac.

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    I mean I hope I do not run into so many problems.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Keiwan –

    Let me think about what I could send you – would it be easier to just write the game so that requests for books queried the website? you can use POST or GET with the book.cgi page to let people access text, and POST to search.cgi to return results. Would that work?

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    Hey Jonathan,

    that would be great! It should just be specified what the parameters of the functions (the strings) should exactly look like, since my hexagon numbers for example are only stored as base 10 and yours in base 29 (i believe) or whether the book’s position in the room should be concatenated to the hexagonnumber string and things like this 🙂

    Other than that this is probably the easiest way of making the library compatible with this website ^^

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    Hi Tyun,
    you shouldn’t face any problems when using the library on a Mac (I use a Mac myself)

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    Guys, what if I wanted the “game” to work offline? Will it just be online-only temporarily?

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    Jonathan Basile

    Once I build the offline library it would be easy to make an offline game. I still hope to get to that early next year.

    To do a search you just need to POST the search phrase and character that specifies the method. ‘x’ is the general search that gives you the first hit for all three methods.

    to interact with the book.cgi you will need parameters that are similar to the ones used on the website. Can you change your hexagons so that their names contain 0-9, a-z? if you just post hex names with 0-9 it will always return text, since all of those hexagons exist. It would just make searching more difficult.

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    Yes, converting the hexagon names to use numbers and letters is no problem at all.

    So for example a valid url for a GET request would be something like

    That should give me page 12 from volume 13 , shelf 2, wall 1 of hexagon 12ab.

    Did I understand this correctly?

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    And I think you need to add a crossdomain.xml file to the site so I get the permission to access book.cgi and search.cgi.

    There is more info about the .xml file on these pages:

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    Hey Jonathan,

    while requesting the pages now completely works I am having some issues with the POST request for the search: Every time I send a request it gives throws an error saying :”necessary data rewind wasn’t possible”.
    I couldn’t really find out what this exactly means, I hope it has got something to do with me sending a wrong request or something. Do I need the specific names of the keys for the search phrase and the method name for the POST request?

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    Jonathan Basile

    the text string should have the key of “find” and the method should have key “method” and value “x”

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    Worked perfectly!

    The Update:
    – The 3D Library is now compatible with this website! That means that the page addresses are the same, so everything found on this website can be found in the 3D library in the same position and vice versa (e.g. you can look up all of the findings of other people in the “Browsing the Hexes” part of the forum in the 3D library now).
    – (This also means that for now you will need an internet connection to access the pages)
    – Bug fix which caused the hexagons to break at certain times.
    – small other bug fixes.

    Thank you Jonathan for letting the library access your website!

    Download link (the same link as before):

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    Jonathan Basile

    Sounds great! I’m glad it’s working, and I hope people enjoy having a new way to browse!

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    Unfortunately it seems like when you paste a hexagonnumber into the input field it gets pasted twice, resulting that you end up in a different hexagon and therefore can’t find the page you were looking for. This, however, is a bug in the latest Unity versions, so there’s nothing I could do about it. I will provide an update as soon as the bug gets fixed by the guys at Unity.

    On a different note: Would you like me to send you a Web Player version of the 3D Library that you could integrate somewhere on this site for the people to use directly in their Browser? I thought about putting it onto a different site just on its own at first, but since it uses your algorithm and is compatible with this website I realized it would make a better extension to your site than having a complete website only dedicated to it.
    This is of course only if you want! I obviously don’t know which direction you itend this site to go (in terms of extensions, e.g. the image archives or whether you want to keep the site “clean” like it is right now and make it more about the abstract idea of a library than an actual visual representation) so the last thing I want is to seem like I’d want to urge you to put the 3D Library onto your website 🙂

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