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    So sorry to disappoint. But your first impression when seeing this site was actually correct. It is just a trick. Albeit, a clever one. Your “search text” doesn’t actually pre-exist in the library. Aside from the complex math and encryption gyrations, it really is just taking whatever you type and spitting it back at you surrounded by random text, or spaces, or random dictionary words. The encryption part is how it guarantees the reversible results when you input the “location” and how each “page” is indeed unique and repeatable.

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    It is logical and for a long time it is known.
    For examle:

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    Well, if all the books existed in the Library to begin with, they’d collectively require so much data storage that you could turn the entire universe into a hard drive and they still wouldn’t fit. So you’re not wrong.

    That doesn’t mean the concept is fake, though. The algorithm works both ways; if you discover a page through the “browse” or “random” buttons, searching the text from that page can, at least in theory (in practice it’s tricky since there’s millions of copies of each page), lead you back. You’ve caught onto that reversible part, which is good. I’m just reminding you that physically storing all the books is impossible. Given our current knowledge of physics, at least.

    Is something really “fake” if it was never possible to be “real” in the first place? Makes you wonder…

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    no, it this isnt fake, and it doesnt store the whole thing, youre right, but what it does, it just keep the algorithim, so when you search for something, you will always find it over and over again in the same place.

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    Maybe I mis-spoke by calling it “fake.” But it is nothing more than a relatively simple encryption algorithm. Yes, in theory, any text you can come up with using the pre-determined alphabet can be “found.” But you really aren’t searching for anything. It’s just permuting your text into one of the 9.23×10^5078 possible combinations of 3200 character pages in the fictional “library.” The “location” is nothing more than your text encrypted. So it doesn’t really pre-exist. It’s like saying “the winning lottery numbers already exist. You just have to ‘look them up.'” The astronomical size of 9.23×10^5078 is not even comprehensible to the human brain. Think about a deck of cards. All the possible combinations of those 52 cards is 52! (fifty-two factorial). That is ‘only’ 8.07×10^67. ALL OF THOSE possibilities will fit in the Library of Babel 1.14×10^5011 times! I don’t mean to downplay the genius of the inventor of the library. I think it is absolutely fascinating and fun to play with. A cool study of large numbers.

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    John Doe

    the fact it is not put in storage does not have any negative impact on its authenticity.

    the driving point here is a proof of concept. the algorithm is able to produce an indexed set of outputs which is consistent and literally contains every possible sequence of letters (including period, comma and space)

    So what is your point? Since it is not on a hard drive it is not real? The data is stored in RAM when it is processed. Does that make it more real to you? When the bits are processed by the CPU they are temporarily stored in a cache on the CPU. Does that make it more real to you? I just want to find out why this arbitrary point of authenticity for you is a hard drive.

    if it makes it feel more real to you to have it in storage, then fine. put it on a thumb drive.

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    all red buffalo bills hat

    Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Great choice of colors!

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