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    I think about making similar libraries in other languages but I don’t know much about alghoritms and maths behind this. So I would like ask for algorithm which makes this library possible.
    Besides, could you recommend some sources about creating random text generators?

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    u miss the point m8. the library contains english, french, finnish, even russian or nahuatl (transcribed of course) stories about ur mom kissing with Trump. this is the fundamental principle of the library – containing every fookin’ possible character streams fitting into tha prearranged size of a book. some of the character streams will not mean you anything, some will mean something in english, and some will make complete sense in etruscan, which one nobody is gonna understand at all. capisce?

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    Well, the library’s contents are only intelligible in languages that use the 26 letters of English and nothing else. Russian, for example, uses lots of letters that don’t appear here, so nothing in the library will be “written” in Russian, for example.

    Of course, you could probably come up with some way to translate various digraphs into new letters as needed. That might be interesting…

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    didn’t u know there is a transcription between russian and english? do u remember the WC ’94 in the USA, where names like Tsymbalar, Tetradze, or Nikiforov were transcribed? u didn’t have to read their names in cyrillic on the screen dude.

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