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    A place for Librarians to study, narvel their findings and ponder philosophy.

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    Hardly. It’s discord. It’s an invite link to a group -_-

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    did ur mom approve the spamming of this fookin’ link? how many bucks will you get fo’ this?

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    Discord is a chat program. It’s basically a mix of Skype’s chat system and TeamSpeak 3’s lobby system.

    Due to the fact that TS servers are fairly expensive, Discord has lately become the more widely used chat system for gaming communities, though it’s also used by other communities for various purposes.

    I’ll join it when I get back to my PC…

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    it is an empty place

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    Seems odd to require a verification channel. Perhaps you’re hoping for it to be popular and want to sift through the spammers yourself, but it seems a bit redundant. I didn’t make a request to be added, I just thought I’d point that out. I feel this community is small enough to not warrant such a step.

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    Jonah Dodson

    The vision of a bunch of librarians in Borge’s Library sitting on phones on chatrooms is a lot funnier than his original idea.

    Maybe at the Universal Barnes and Noble we can sit around in hexagonal Starbucks’ and ponder the 3200-character labels on our coffees.

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    hooters would be even better

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