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    Jonathan Basile

    I’ve added a pdf of the first collection of Borges’ work translated into English. It contains many of his best stories and non-fiction. You can read or download it here:

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    I fookin’ love this dude, he wrote very well.

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    I wish we read this in English.

    Shakespeare was great, but he’s dated.

    Realism is boring, I read to escape the world not see the darker parts of it.

    At least Borges covers a lot of metaphysical writings and thought experiments that very little literature I’ve read in school thus far has managed to examine.

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    Felix King

    I agree with you Ray, in regards to his metaphysical musings. I have stumbled upon some of his works, but just recently actually started reading them. Really impressed, I have been reading labyrinths and also got his non fiction works. This site is awesome, and so is Borges

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