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    Hi. My name is Jared, and I am a high school junior. I am currently enrolled in AP English Language, which is essentially the high school equivalent of freshman composition. In this class, we write essays which are scored on a scale from one to nine, nine being the highest. Nines are generally considered hard to write, even by the standards of some of the most eloquent writers. I myself have written 3 essays scoring a nine, which I am quite proud of.

    In any case, having stumbled upon this library in a bout of curiosity, I decided to search for the introductory paragraph of my first essay which scored a nine. I found this at the following link:

    I am now pondering my literary proficiency. The introductory paragraph to every essay I’ve ever written, or ever will write, is contained within this site. The introductory paragraph to all three essays that I will write for my final exam in May are contained here, and perhaps I might search for them and find them one day. For now, these paragraphs do not exist, for I have not written them. And yet, they must exist, because they must be in this library.

    If every combination of 3200 characters is available on this site, what is the point of writing anything under 3200 characters? And if you can string these entries together, what is the point of writing anything at all?

    Even everything that I write here is contained within these walls.

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    The link to the text of the preceding blog post (at least, all characters within the library’s restrictions) is as follows:

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    Not only is every essay you ever will write on this page, but also every essay you will never write. The library of babel holds every text possible in it, similarly, the Babel Image Archives contains a photo of every single second of your life, and of every single second your life could have been like if you made other choices in it.
    The one thing that Babel does not hold, however, is a meaning to these bits of information. For it, a shakespearian Novel and a completely random set of characters are the same, only differentiated by their position in the Library. Asking whether writing anything still makes sense to write anything just because of babel, to me, sounds like you only recognize writing as assembling a string of characters, but surely, the creation of literature and poetry cannot be reduced to such a simple act of randomness.

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    you’ll find a story about ur mom getting banged by Donald Trump

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